slip ring of an induction motor is usually made up of

What is a Slip Ring Motor?

A slip ring motor is an electric motor that uses a rotating armature to generate torque. The armature is connected to a set of brushes that make contact with a set of slip rings. As the armature rotates, the brushes make contact with the slip rings, which in turn generate an electrical current. This current is then used to power the motor.

What is a Collecting Ring?

A collecting ring is a device that is used to collect the electrical current generated by the slip ring motor. It is typically made of copper or other conductive material and is connected to the slip rings. The collecting ring is then connected to a power source, such as a battery or generator, which is used to power the motor.

How Does the Collecting Ring Affect Motor Torque?

The collecting ring affects the torque of the motor by providing a source of electrical current. The more current that is supplied to the motor, the greater the torque that is generated. This is because the current is used to create a magnetic field, which in turn creates a force that is used to turn the armature. The greater the current, the greater the torque that is generated.The relationship between slip ring motor torque and collecting ring is an important one. The collecting ring provides the electrical current that is used to generate torque, and the more current that is supplied, the greater the torque that is generated. Understanding this relationship is essential for anyone looking to use a slip ring motor in their application.