Electrical Slip Rings

through hole slip ring

Through hole slip rings

Standard hole slip ring connectors with bore size 12-400mm

wire slip ring

Capsule slip rings

Standard capsule slip ring connectors with OD 6.5-25mm

miniature slip ring

Miniature slip rings

Standard miniature slip ring connectors with OD 6.5-15.5mm

Ethernet slip ring

Ethernet slip rings

Designed for 10/100/1000 Base T transmission

Pin slip rings

Pin slip rings

The substitute for mercury slip rings, environmentally

What is Electrical Slip Rings?

Ring body and brushes are the main parts of electrical slip ring. electrical slip rings can transfer power or signals from something fixed to a point on a rotating object. It can connect rotating and stationary equipment in any electromechanical system that needs to rotate and can transmit current and signals 360 degrees without limit.

Electrical Slip Rings Videos and Image

capsule slipring
Ethernet through hole slip ring


Slip rings (electrical joints) can transfer power or signals from something fixed to a point on a rotating object. Slip rings are widely used in automation, security, heavy equipment, wind turbine, rotary table, packing, medical, military, radar, marine, etc.
GRAND provide standard electrical slip rings in stock. Also we can provide a custom solution designed to meet your exact application.


How to choose a slip ring?

Need detail information about application’s operating parameters, including total circuits, the voltage and amperage of each circuit, working speed, working temperature, installation methods, signals type and the protection level. Please check our standard slip rings for start or just reach out to our experts.

What is the difference between commutator and slip ring?

Slip ring and commutator both are used to maintain electrical circuit continuity between a static and a rotating system. The most important difference is commutator can convert dc to ac or ac to dc but electrical slip ring cannot.

How slip rings works?

The wires from static parts called brush wire, loop around a cylindrical metal rings.
The power or signals is transferred from the metal rings to brush wires, which can transfer the power or signals outside.

What is slip ring used for?

Some parts need under 360° unrestrained continuous rotation, but the wires are to be connected to the rotating parts. Electrical slip rings can avoid the wires to be twisted.