What Is High Speed Slip Ring?

A slip ring can reach 2000 rpm and work stable, even above 4000 rpm.

A high-speed slip ring is a type of slip ring that is designed to operate at higher rotational speeds and transmit power and electrical signals from a stationary structure to a rotating one. These slip rings are typically utilized in industries like manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and robotics.

The design of high-speed slip rings often allows for rotational speeds of up to 20,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). This capability is essential in high-speed applications, such as aircraft propulsion systems, instrumentation, test benches, and turbines.

So, to sum up, high-speed slip rings are specially designed slip rings that can handle high rotational speeds, making them integral components in a variety of demanding applications.

High Speed Slip Rings - SH Series

Available for Custom, Standard Bore Slip Ring for 2000 RPM

GRAND manufactures a range of high speed slip rings with advanced technology for the rotary system. Fiber brush contacts provide stable transmission and a long working life. The capsule high speed slip ring for GRAND is max. 4800 rpm and the high speed through the bore slip ring for GRAND is max. 5600 rpm. All the above have been tested by the lab without the need for cooling.

Although GRAND offers modularized & standardized designs for various application solutions as an original slip ring manufacturer. To create your most suitable high speed slip ring connector, please feel free to contact us.


  • Fiber brush technology and gold to gold contacts
  • Low torque, low loss, low electrical noise
  • Support mixed high speed data transmission(including Ethernet, USB, Profibus, CANBUS, RS232, RS485, etc.)
  • Hybrid pneumatic/hydraulic and electric slip ring can be mixed


  • Operating speed
  • No. of rings
  • Current &voltage
  • Installation size
  • Connector
  • Position of wire outlet
  • Housing material

Model Breakdown


No. of Rings



Max Speed





800 rpm




2000 rpm




2000 rpm




2000 rpm




2000 rpm




2000 rpm




2000 rpm




2000 rpm

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High-Speed Slip Ring Typical Applications

High-speed slip rings find application in a variety of domains where both high rotational speed and dependable transmission of power and data are essential. Let’s examine some typical applications:

  1. Aerospace and Aviation: High-speed slip rings are often used in aircraft propulsion systems and satellite technology where coordinating and managing high-speed rotations are of prime importance.
  2. Test and Measurement Systems: High-speed data transmission is necessary for precise and reliable testing in many laboratory and field scenarios. High-speed slip rings are used in test benches, diagnostic equipment, and calibration systems to enable high-speed data collection and transmission.
  3. Turbines: Whether they are found in a wind energy system or a conventional power plant, turbines need to communicate operational data while rotating at high speeds. Slip rings facilitate this communication while ensuring the continuous supply of power across the rotating interfaces.
  4. Manufacturing and Industrial Applications: High-speed slip rings find use in different sectors, including automated production lines, packaging machinery, and printing presses, where high-speed rotation and simultaneous data/power transmission are necessary.
  5. Medical Industry: Certain medical devices like MRI and CT scanners require high-speed rotation for imaging purposes. High-speed slip rings are used in these machines to provide reliable power and signal transmissions.
  6. Robots and Drones: High-speed slip rings ensure continuous power and signal transmission in robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles where fast movements or rotations are involved.
  7. Centrifuge Machines: In laboratories and various industries, centrifuges rely on high-speed slip rings to transfer electrical signals and power during their high-speed spinning processes.

These applications underline the role of high-speed slip rings as key enablers of technologies where rapid, reliable rotations, coupled with data and power transmission, are crucial.

High Speed Slip Ring Benefits

High-Speed Slip Rings come with an array of benefits that make them an integral part of many applications. These benefits arise largely due to their ability to operate at high rotational velocities while ensuring reliable transmission of power and signals. Let’s dive into the specific benefits:

  1. Enhanced System Performance: High-speed slip rings can enhance the overall performance of a system by facilitating efficient data and power transmission even at high rotational speeds. Their design helps in simplifying system operations and maintaining the integrity of transmitted signals, even at high speeds.
  2. Greater Longevity: High-speed slip rings often come with fiber brush contacts which reduce friction and wear compared to traditional slip rings, thereby providing long life. This characteristic is advantageous for situations where regular slip ring maintenance would be challenging or costly.
  3. Operational Efficiency: By transferring power and data in rotating environments at high speeds, high-speed slip rings play a vital role in ensuring the functional efficiency of systems. This is particularly crucial in high-demand sectors like aerospace and industrial automation.
  4. Eliminating Damage Prone Wires: By design, slip rings offer improved mechanical performance and remove the need for protruding wires from movable joints, thus reducing the chances of wire damage and consequent operational disruption.
  5. Improved Design and Cost-Effectiveness: Due to their inherent capability to simultaneously facilitate power and signal transmission within a single compact device, high-speed slip rings contribute to streamlined design and cost-effectiveness.

All in all, high-speed slip rings offer multiple benefits that can significantly influence the efficiency and effectiveness of various applications, ranging from aviation to industrial processes.

High Speed Slip Ring Advantages

The advantages of high-speed slip rings are numerous, largely due to their specialized design that allows them to operate effectively at high rotational speeds while ensuring efficient transmission of power and signals. These benefits make them a key choice for various applications.

Here are core advantages:

  1. High-Speed Operations: As the name suggests, high-speed slip rings are specifically engineered to operate at much higher speeds than standard slip rings, often up to 20,000 rpm. This capability makes them suitable for various applications that demand rapid, reliable rotations.
  2. Reliable Power and Signal Transmission: High-speed slip rings ensure reliable and continuous transfer of power and signals between stationary and rotating components. This helps in maintaining the integrity of transmitted signals, even at high-speed rotations.
  3. Compactness and Integration: Many high-speed slip rings are designed to be compact and allow for streamlined integration into different systems. This aids in saving space while ensuring the efficient functioning of the system.
  4. Reduced Maintenance: Due to the use of advanced materials and technology such as fiber brush contacts, high-speed slip rings tend to have longer service life and require less maintenance than traditional slip rings. This leads to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
  5. Versatile Application: Their ability to perform under high-speed conditions makes them versatile for use in various demanding applications including aerospace, defense, robotics, industrial machinery, and medical equipment.
  6. Improved Mechanical Performance: High-speed slip rings can enhance the overall mechanical performance of the system. They eliminate the need for extended cables that can tangle and wear out, making the entire system more durable and reducing potential operational disruptions.

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