Our industry leading quality system extends throughout whole supply chain from raw materials to final delivery;
Count on standard operation procedure to ensure the quality and delivery time
Complete traceability becomes standard with full ISO-9001 compliance
S.Q.D.I.P. System help us to drive excellence: Safely, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Performance
Customers using our innovative labs for testing and verification solutions

quality system

Standard Quality control steps

Incoming Quality Control – IQC

In Process Quality Control – IPQC

Final Quality Control – FQC

Outgoing Quality Control – OQC

IQC – All incoming raw materials are checked once received. Various measurements are taken to check against agreed parameter sheet. Once rejected, suppliers must make a failure mode analysis report for review.

IPQC – Perform Online inspections, inspection frequency depend on the quality standard or set forth by project. All process data are recorded for check.

FQC – All slip rings are tested one by one according to the quality standard before send to warehouse.

OQC – Before shipment QC team will check slip rings randomly, ensure the right products and good quality.

Factory workshop

Hundreds of skilled workers can do the flexibility and variety of tasks.
And thanks to invest in automation to increase our productivity, repeatability, quality and shorter the lead time.