Electrical Slip Rings

through hole slip ring
Through Hole Slip Ring
wire slip ring
Capsule Slip Ring
Ethernet slip ring
Ethernet slip rings
miniature slip ring
Miniature Slip Rings
Pin slip rings
Pin Slip Rings

Electrical slip ring belongs to the category of electrical contact sliding connection application. It is also called a slip ring, rotating electrical connectors, rotary electrical interfaces, revolving conductive couplings, and spinning electrical joints. Rotational as current connectors precision device that achieves image, data, signal, and power transmission between stator and rotor parts.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ)/ RF Rotary Joints

Multimode forj
Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ)
Radio Freqency rotary joint
RF Rotary Joint

The optical fiber rotation connector and the frequency rotation joint are special devices, which can transmit signals between the system’s fixed components and rotating components. Rotational fiber optic joints (FORJ) and Rotational RF couplings are key components in the system that requires continuous rotation. Their specific applications will depend on the system’s requirements for signal speed, frequency, and accuracy.

Rotary Swivel Joints

hydraulic rotary joint
pneumatic rotary joint

The rotary joint is a connection sealing device that carries a pneumatic or hydraulic medium from the stationary to the rotating side. The application field of rotational couplings covers almost all processing and manufacturing industries.

Specialized Slip Rings

wind turbine slip ring
Wind Turbine Slip Ring
flat slip ring
Pancake Slip Ring
high temperature slip ring
High Temperature Slip Ring
USB 3.0 slip ring
USB Slip Rings
high speed slip ring
High Speed Slip Ring
PCB slip ring
PCB Slip Ring
HDMI slip ring
HDMI/SDI Slip Ring
high current slip ring
High Voltage/High Current Slip Ring
waterproof slip ring
Waterproof Slip Ring
Canbus Indsutrial slip ring
Field Buses Slip Ring
servo encoder slip ring
Servo Encoder Slip Ring
military defence slip ring
Military Slip Ring

Specialty rotating connectors are developed according to specific uses or different applications, different specifications, and different types. In addition to standard products, most of them also require customized slip rings, tailor-made rotary joints can better meet the demand.

Fiber Optical Transmitter and Receiver

Ethernet Optical transceiver
Optical transmitter and receiver

An optical transmitter and receiver include an optical transmitter and an optical receiver. An optical transmitter is a device that converts the received electrical signal into an optical signal that can be transmitted in the optical fiber, while the optical receiver is just the opposite. It is a device that converts the optical signal in the optical fiber into an electrical signal.

Custom solutions

custom slip ring
electrical slip ring FORJ

Slip ring products usually need to be customized or combined according to specific needs. Over the years of working with different leading manufacturers, we have accumulated rich experience and many different rotary transmission solutions. Our advisors can help design an access solution and select the best products to achieve your project specifications and budget requirements.