Electrical Slip Rings

Electrical slip ring belongs to the category of electrical contact sliding connection application. It is also called slip ring, rotary joint, rotary electrical interface,mcurrent collector ring, adapter. A precision device that achieve image, data, signal and power transmission between stator and rotor parts.

Fiber Optic (FORJ) / RF Rotary Joints

Fiber optic rotary joint also known as fiber optic slip ring and fiber optical rotary connector, is a precision device that uses optical fiber as a data carrier to enable uninterrupted transmission of optical signals between rotating and stationary components. It is mainly used to transmit signals and images.

Rotary Joints

Rotary joint is a connection sealing device that carry pneumatic or hydraulic medium from stationary to rotating side. The application field of rotary joints covers almost all processing and manufacturing industries.

Specialized Slip Rings

Specialized slip rings are developed according to specific uses or different applications, different specifications and different types, such as packaging machinery slip rings, wind turbine slip rings, etc. Some have formed standard products, and most still need to be customized.

Optical transmitter and receiver

Optical transmitter and receiver includes an optical transmitter and an optical receiver. Optical transmitter is a device that converts the received electrical signal into the optical signal that can be transmitted in the optical fiber, while the optical receiver is just the opposite. It is a device that converts the optical signal in the optical fiber into the electrical signal.

Custom solutions

Slip ring products usually need to be customized or combined according to specific needs. Over the years working with different leading manufacturers, we have accumulated rich experience and many different rotary transmission solutions.