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Slip rings avoid wire from knotting for automation equipments. Can transmit not only power but also various signals such as Ethernet signal, communication signal, sensor signal, control signal, digital and analog signal, etc. Support multi channel signal transmission without data packet loss or cross code.
Gold to gold contact make super conductivity and fiber brush guarantee no lubrication. So the automation equipments can be have a long operate time without extra maintenance.
GRAND manufacture slip rings for auto are all based on customers’ requirements. The products are developed for flexible situations and high performance conditions. Good used in motion controller, sensor periphery, encoder system, packaging machinery, rotating platform. We offer free solutions for automation industry.
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slip ring for Automation

Multiple channels for signals and power transmission
Can combine with pneumatic/hydraulic rotary joints, coax rotary joints, fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ)
Stable signal transmission without packet loss and code cross
Anti interference, low torque, gold to gold contact
Easy install and maintenance, long working life