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Cable reel also called as cable drum or cable winding machine. With the features of easy maintain and small space requirements to replace sliding contact wire. Became the main solution for mobile transmission.

Cable reel slip ring ensure the cable line working smoothly when rotating. There are three mounted ways, internally, externally and cantilever.

Internally cable reel slip ring
Slip ring is installed in the center of cable reel and the winding machine is installed in horizontal.

Externally cable reel slip ring
It is usually suitable for the case where the cable specifications are frequently changed or multiple cables share one reel. The slip ring is installed on the side of the cable reel along the axial direction. Usually, there is a protective casing on the outside. The structure is easy to replace.

Cantilever cable reel slip ring
This electrical slip ring of this type of cable drum is installed in the base and installed along the axial direction. The cantilever position is the drum section. Suitable for the situation of large space and long and heavy cables.

slip ring for Cable reel

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