Tailor-made Slip Rings Meet Different Industry Challenges

Different industries use different slip rings in different signal environments, but each manufacturer has no uniform requirements for important performance parameters such as product structure size, performance, and life requirements. Customizing specialized slip rings has become an option.

As an original manufacturer of slip rings, Grand has 200+ standard molds, but we support customization, and the customization business accounts for nearly 50%. We provide solutions for your customized slip ring service at the right cost, right quality, and right function.

Specialized Slip Ring All Products We Have

wind turbine slip ring

Wind turbine slip rings

Servicing a couple of TOP 10 wind turbine manufacturers

flat slip ring

Pancake slip rings

Min. 6mm thinckness for the rotating system with height limit

high temperature slip ring

High temperature slip rings

Stable working under 100~250℃ high temperature conditions

USB 3.0 slip ring

USB slip rings

Special designed for transmit USB1.0/USB2.0/USB3.0 signals

high speed slip ring

High speed slip rings

The data tested by lab and without need for cooling

PCB slip ring

PCB slip rings

Min. 6mm thinckness, the ring surface circuit board

HDMI slip ring

HDMI/SDI slip rings

Supporting HDMI/3G-SDI/VGA transmission

high current slip ring

Big voltage/current slip ring

Max. voltage up to 6,000 volts, Max. ampere up to 100 A

waterproof slip ring

Waterproof slip rings

Dynamic sealing rotary parts and static sealing with O ring

Canbus Indsutrial slip ring

Can bus slip rings

Manufacture industrial bus slip ring connectors

servo encoder slip ring

Servo encoder slip rings

Special treatment for internal shielding and wiring to make sure

military defence slip ring

Military slip rings

GRAND had passed the certification of weapons

Specialized Slip Ring Features

  • Customizable: Specialized slip rings are often designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of a particular application. This means that they can be customized in terms of size, shape, number of circuits, voltage, and current capacity.
  • High-performance: Specialized slip rings are often designed to meet high-performance requirements, such as high data transfer rates, low electrical noise, and high reliability.
  • Durable: Specialized slip rings are often used in harsh environments and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration.
  • Maintenance-free: Some specialized slip rings are designed to be maintenance-free, which means they require little to no maintenance throughout their lifetime.
  • Compact: Specialized slip rings are often designed to be compact and lightweight, making them ideal for use in applications where space is limited.
  • Low friction: Specialized slip rings often feature low-friction materials and designs, which helps to reduce wear and extend the lifespan of the device.

Examples of specialized slip rings include those used in wind turbines, medical equipment, military and defense applications, and robotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Custom Slip Rings?

The following parameter specifications should be considered for custom slip rings.

  1. Operating speed
  2. installation type
  3. Outline size
  4. Channels
  5. Rated voltage & current
  6. Signal types and related parameters
  7. Operating temperature
  8. Protection level
  9. Special requirement

What Temperature Are the Wires Rated For?

Some specialized slip rings are designed to operate in high-temperature environments, such as those found in industrial furnaces or aerospace applications.GRAND standard slip rings’ wires are rated to 105°C and slip ring assembly is rated to 80°C. Please contact the support team for further information.

Does Your Slip Ring Can Anti-signal Interference?

GRAND has the patented technology to solve the situations in most cases. Let us discuss your projects.

Are Specialized Slip Rings Waterproof?

Some specialized slip rings are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant, while others are not. It depends on the specific application and the environmental conditions in which the slip ring will be used. Grand can produce waterproof slip rings according to your needs, contact us for details about waterproof slip rings.

Can Specialized Slip Rings Transfer Both Power and Data Signals?

Specialized slip rings can transfer both power and data signals simultaneously, allowing for efficient and reliable transmission of signals between the rotating and stationary components.

Frequently Asked Questions

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