What is specialized slip ring?

GRAND technology did it for the convenience of classification. Since different industries use different slip rings in different environments with signals. The manufacturers have not unified the important performance parameter requirements such as product structure size, performance, and life requirements.

M series Electrical Slip Rings

Wind turbine slip rings

Servicing a couple of TOP 10 wind turbine manufacturers

Pancake slip rings

Min. 6mm thinckness for the rotating system with height limit

High temperature slip rings

Stable performance under 100~250℃ high temperature working conditions

USB slip rings

Special designed for transmit USB1.0/USB2.0/USB3.0 signals

High speed slip rings

The data tested by lab and without need for cooling

PCB slip rings

Min. 6mm thinckness, the ring surface circuit board

HDMI/SDI slip rings

Supporting HDMI/3G-SDI/VGA transmission

High voltage/current slip rings

Max. voltage up to 6,000 volts, Max. ampere up to 100 A

Waterproof slip rings

Dynamic sealing rotary parts and static sealing with O ring

Can bus slip rings

Manufacture industrial bus slip ring connectors suitable for EtherCAT

Servo encoder slip rings

Special treatment for internal shielding and wiring to make sure

Military slip rings

GRAND had passed the certification of weapons

Specialized Slip Rings Videos and Image


Customized products account for almost 50% although GRAND have 200+ standard moulds as an original slip rings manufacturer. Right cost, right quality, right feature are the key to custom solution. We provide 1500+ innovation custom solutions every year no duplicate. Contact us to create your most suitable slip rings today!


How to choose a slip ring?

Need detail information about application’s operating parameters, including total circuits, the voltage and amperage of each circuit, working speed, working temperature, installation methods, signals type and the protection level. Please check our standard slip rings for start or just reach out to our experts.

How to custom slip rings?

Following parameter specifications should be considered for custom a slip ring.
1. Operating speed
2. installation type
3. Outline size
4. Channels
5. Rated voltage & current
6. Signal types and related parameters
7. Operating temperature
8. Protection level
9. Special requirement

What temperature are the wires rated for?

GRAND standard slip rings’ wires are rated to 105°C and slip ring assembly is rated to 80°C. Please contact support team for further information.

Do your slip ring can anti signal interference?

GRAND have the patented technology to solve the situations in most cases. Let us discuss on your projects.