Welcome to Grand Slipring

Hangzhou Grand Technology Co., Ltd. started as a special slip ring manufacturer since 2011. Grown into slip rings, rotary joints and slip ring assembly experts of today with 6,000 square meter manufacture complex.

We obtained ISO9001, Rosh, CE, GJB9001B certificates a number of slip ring, rotary joint patents and proud of our products can meet military grade.

We also collaborated with universities, institutes and renowned factories across Asia and Europe include Panasonic, SIEMENS, CSIC, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI etc.

Nail Li
CEO & Founder

Innovative Products and Service for world's most challenging rotary applications

R&D Center

We have more than 50 national patents.
Under 3 R&D centers support, a live, rich experience person can response your requests when you reach out to us regarding slip ring, rotary union, slip ring assembly.

rotary joint drawing
rotary joint drawing
slip ring drawing office
slip ring R&D
slip ring office

Testing Center

SOP Operation specification, dust-free test laboratory.
Perfect conventional test equipment, also includes high and low temperature devices, salt spray devices, impact devices and vibration devices.

slip ring salt spray testing
slip ring working life test
high and low temperature testing
slip ring vibration devices
fiber optic rotary joint produce

Factory workshop

Hundreds of skilled workers can do the flexibility and variety of tasks.
And thanks to invest in automation to increase our productivity, repeatability, quality and shorter the lead time.

Certifications and Patents

We work with our partners to provide project perfection, join with our partnership