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Custom Slip Rings Manufacturers, Electrical Rotary Joints Supplier – Grand

The best custom special slip rings manufacturers and rotary joints suppliers with 12 years of experience

Your Best Slip Rings & Rotary Joints Supplier in China

  • More than 12 years of slip ring manufacturing experience, with a production base of 6000 square meters
  • Special slip ring design, procurement and assembly guidance service
  • Support bulkbuy various slip rings and rotary joints
  • Obtained ISO9001, Rosh, CE, GJB9001B certificates and many other patents for Conductive ring and Rotating joint
  • Have own R&D center and testing center for Slip ring assembly
  • Slip rings and brushes and fiber optic rotary joints cooperate with universities, research institutes and well-known factories in Asia and Europe
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What Slip Rings and Rotary Joints Products Do We Have

wind turbine slip rings

Wind Turbine Slip Rings

Specialized electrical connectors that transmit power and signals from stationary components to rotating components in wind turbines.

pneumatic electrical slip rings

Pneumatic Electrical Slip Rings

For simultaneous transmission of electrical signals and fluids, forming gas-electric slip rings, liquid-electric slip rings, and gas-liquid-electric slip rings.

digital ethernet slip rings

Digital Ethernet Slip Rings

Suitable for applications requiring continuous rotation and transmission of Ethernet signals.

through hole slip ring

Through Hole Slip Ring

Suitable for a variety of applications requiring continuous rotation.

miniature slip rings

Miniature Slip Rings

Provides electrical connections for small,compact devices where space is limited.

electrical fiber optic rotary joint

Electrical Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

Specialized electrical connectors that transmit optical signals from stationary components to rotating components.

Custom Most Suitable Slip Ring Connectors

As one of the professional slip ring manufacturers and fiber optic rotary joint suppliers, you can get all kinds of customized slip ring services from Grand


Custom electrical slip rings can be designed to meet specific power and signal transmission requirements in various applications.

Cooperation Cases



Custom specialized slip rings are designed to meet the specific needs of applications that require specialized features.

Cooperation Cases



Custom rotational couplings play a key role in communication systems that accurately and reliably transmit electrical signals between stationary and moving parts.

Cooperation Cases


All Types of Slip Rings and Rotary Joints

Grand will provide you with the best slipring and rotary joints

slip ring capsule

Capsule slip rings

Standard capsule slip ring connectors with OD 6.5-25mm

slip ring through hole

Through hole slip rings

Standard hole slip ring connectors with bore size 12-400mm

slip ring pcb

PCB slip rings

Min. 6mm thinckness, the ring surface circuit board

slip ring pin

Pin slip rings

The substitute for mercury slip rings, environmentally

rotary joints pneumatic

Pneumatic Rotary Joints

Dynamic sealing technology with NSK high precision bearing

slip rings usb

USB slip rings

Special designed for transmit USB1.0/USB2.0/USB3.0 signals

slip ringswaterproof

Waterproof slip rings

Dynamic sealing rotary parts and static sealing with O ring

slip ringsfiber optic

Fiber Optic Slip Rings

Available for custom, can combine with electrical slip rings

slip ringpancake

Pancake slip rings

Min. 6mm thinckness for the rotating system with height limit

slip ringhigh temperature

High temperature slip rings

Stable working under 100~250℃ high temperature conditions

high current slip ring

High Voltage/high Current Slip Ring

For custom, Max. 1000A, Max. 6000V

slip ring military

Military slip ring

GRAND had passed the certification of weapons

slip ring high speed

High Speed Slip Ring

The data tested by lab and without need for cooling

sdi slip ring

HDMI/SDI Slip Ring

Supporting HDMI/3G-SDI/VGA transmission

rotary joints rf

RF Rotary Joints

3Ghz, 4.5Ghz, 18Ghz, 30Ghz high frequency/radio freqency

slip ring servo encoder

Servo Encoder Slip Ring

Special treatment for internal shielding and wiring to make sure

Why Grand Slip Ring

customized service

Customized service

You can easily get our professionally designed slip rings for your equipment, even special slip rings are supported by us.

quality control and assurance

Quality Control and Assurance

Complete quality assurance from Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In Process Quality Control (IPQC), Final Quality Control (FQC), Outgoing Quality Control (OQC).



12 years of experience, to ensure that your slip ring application projects always have the best solution

Widely Used Rotating Electrical Connector

Slip rings have a wide range of applications across various industries and technologies, including robotics, wind turbines, medical equipment, and many more.

Need Help For Slip Ring Assembly Design?

Our advisors are available to help with product requirements and answer any questions, please give us a call at +86-571 86299170 to discuss your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are mainly divided into two categories: slip ring products and rotary joint products. Besides, we also have optical transmitters and receivers. Slip ring products are mainly electric slip rings and special slip rings; rotary joints are mainly optical fiber rotary joints and RF rotary joints.

We obtained ISO9001, Rosh, CE, and GJB9001B certificates a number of slip rings, and rotary joint patents, and proud of our products can meet the military grade.

We collaborated with universities, institutes, and renowned factories across Asia and Europe including Panasonic, SIEMENS, CSIC, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, etc.

You can read “How Do I Install/Mount My Slip Ring Into My Equipment” to learn how to install slip rings, or you can contact us for professional services.

Through Standard Quality control steps, Our industry-leading quality system extends throughout the whole supply chain from raw materials to final delivery; Count on the standard operating procedures to ensure quality and delivery time; customers can use our innovation laboratory.

Clean slip rings on universal generators for reliable operation: Shut down generator – remove end caps – inspect slip rings – clean slip rings – clean carbon brushes – reassemble – test generator.

NOTE: Be careful when cleaning the slip rings as they are delicate parts and can be easily damaged. If you are not comfortable performing this maintenance task, it is recommended that it be done by a qualified technician. You can contact us for more detailed cleaning steps.

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