What Is Miniature Slip Ring?

A miniature slip ring assembly is specially designed for small installation spaces. Also called a small slip ring, mini slip ring, compact slip ring, or micro slip ring. The miniature slip ring is the extension of the capsule slip ring and through the bore slip ring. The miniature package units have been designed to offer an economical and compact solution for signal and power transmission between the rotor and stator side. Shaft or flange are the two main mounting methods.

A Miniature Slip Ring is a device used mainly in rotating systems to transmit power, signals, data, etc. from stationary to rotating parts. It’s often used in areas where electrical connections must be made in a continually rotating assembly.

Miniature Slip Rings - HM Series

Available for Custom, Standard OD 6-20 mm

GRAND technology supplies miniature slip rings with low electrical noise, low loss, and low torque. Suitable for speed dome cameras, toys, stage lights, drones, and shadowless lamps. The company has micro slip rings to achieve high current, speed, and small space requirements for rotary.

Although GRAND offers modularized & standardized designs for various application solutions as an original slip ring manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us to create your most suitable miniature slip ring connector.


  • Share experience cases for high current, voltage, speed, circuits, wires
  • Micro design, accept custom
  • Support to mix transmission of digital signals, analog signals, Ethernet signals, power, etc.


  • Operation speed, current &voltage
  • Connector
  • Type of Flange
  • No. of circuits
  • Housing material
  • Position of wire outlet
  • Protection level (dust and water)

Model Breakdown



No. of Rings


Rated Current

Rated Voltage

































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Miniature Slip Ring Applications

Miniature Slip Rings find their applications in a wide range of fields due to their compact size and effective transmission properties. Here are a few key sectors where they are extensively used:

  1. Medical Equipment: Their small size makes them ideal for use in various medical devices. This is particularly true for devices involving rotational parts, such as scanning machines, dental machinery, and other related equipment.
  2. CCTV Systems: Miniature slip rings facilitate the transmission of video signals from rotating parts like pan-tilt-zoom cameras. They are crucial for enabling 360-degree continuous rotation without compromising signal integrity.
  3. Industrial Machinery: In industries where machines have parts that rotate, such as wind turbines, packaging equipment, and conveyors, miniature slip rings are used to provide continuous power or signal flow during rotations.
  4. Robotics: In the realm of robotics, these slip rings are applied in scenarios where power/signal transmission is required between stationary and moving parts. They help facilitate uninterrupted robotic movements.
  5. High-Speed Applications: As suggested by the MM series high-performance brushless slip ring solutions by Rotocon, miniature slip rings might be used in applications operating at high speeds, even above 2,000 RPM.

It’s important to note that the exact type of miniature slip ring and its specifications can be adapted to fit specific applications, further expanding their potential fields of use.

Miniature Slip Ring Advantages

Miniature Slip Rings offer several advantages, making them suitable for a diverse range of applications. Some of the most notable benefits of these devices include:

  1. Compact Size: Miniature Slip Rings have a small footprint, which allows for seamless integration into tight spaces and applications with size constraints.
  2. Multi-Channel Transmission: They can transmit multiple electrical signals, power, and data simultaneously, enabling the integration of various functionalities into a single system.
  3. Low Torque & Noise: Designed for minimal rotational resistance, these slip rings ensure smooth operation and low noise, which can be especially important in sensitive environments, such as medical equipment.
  4. Long Service Life: Thanks to their robust design and quality materials, Miniature Slip Rings often have long service lives under normal operating conditions, providing reliable performance.
  5. Customizability: Manufacturers often tailor Miniature Slip Rings to match specific requirements, including special configurations, number of channels, connectors, and materials, to suit the needs of an application.
  6. High-Speed Applications: Miniature Slip Rings are capable of supporting high-speed rotation without losing any performance reliability, making them suitable for use in demanding applications.
  7. Low Electrical Resistance: As these slip rings typically exhibit low electrical resistance, they can reduce energy loss and maintain efficient transmission of signals and power.
  8. Ease of Maintenance: Owing to their simple design, Miniature Slip Rings usually require minimal maintenance efforts to keep them operating efficiently.

These advantages contribute to the widespread adoption of Miniature Slip Rings in various industries, including medical, security, robotics, and communication technology.

Miniature Slip Ring Function

A Miniature Slip Ring serves as an efficient solution for the conduction of electrical signals, power, and data between rotating and stationary elements within a device. The main functionality of miniature slip rings is to enable seamless transmission of power and data amidst continuous rotation, which is critical in several systems.

While varying in forms like PCB, pancake, through bore, and USB to accommodate different requirements, all miniature slip rings primarily perform as tiny rotary joints. They are fundamentally designed to carry out the transmission of signals between stationary and rotating parts of applications like smart toys, small robots, helicopter models, and turntables.

Their function is essential in maintaining the optimal performance of the application they’re integrated into. It’s worth noting that keeping the slip rings within specified operational limits and routine maintenance helps uphold their functionality.

Miniature Slip Ring Installation, Use, and Maintenance


The installation of Miniature Slip Rings varies depending on their type and the specific application in question. However, the general installation process involves these steps:

  1. Identify the Device Connection Points: Determine the points where the slip ring will connect to your device’s stationary and rotating parts.
  2. Connect the Wires: Connect the wires from the stationary part to the slip ring and secure the slip ring into place.
  3. Connect Rotating Parts: Connect wires from the rotating part to the other side of the slip ring. Then, secure the rotating part in a manner that allows free rotation.


In use, power or signal is applied to the stationary part of the slip ring. The electrical signals, data, or power pass through the slip ring’s metal or graphite brushes, which maintain contact with the rotating part enabling continuous power or signal flow during the rotation process.


Miniature Slip Rings, like any other mechanical and electrical device, require maintenance to ensure proper function and prolong service life. Here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: For optimal performance, removing dust and debris from slip rings is essential. Ensure the area they’re located in is kept clean to avoid debris getting into the moving parts.
  2. Periodic Inspection: Regular checks for any signs of wear and tear can help identify potential faults before they develop into more serious problems. Inspect for discoloration, unusual sounds, or unexpected drops in performance.
  3. Replacement of Worn-Out Parts: If inspection reveals significant wear and tear on the brushes or the ring, replacement becomes necessary.
  4. Test the Connectivity: It’s beneficial to conduct connectivity tests using a multimeter from time to time, ensuring the effective transfer of power or signals.

Remember, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding installation, use, and maintenance to prevent damage and unsatisfactory performance. Finally, always turn off equipment before performing maintenance or troubleshooting to avoid electrical shock or damage to the device.

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