We are leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for our every customers.

Medical equipments which require rotating while pass electrical and other signals. Slip rings are the core parts of the systems, like CT scanner need high current, image digital signals and communication transmission.

GRAND provide reliability, advanced, high precision performance slip ring for medical equipments. From sample to mass production, GRAND R&D center manage the whole processes and develop the solutions for every project. Documents, raw materials and industry standards all can be traced back.

By listening and communication with customers and patients, we can enhance user experience, safety, and the overall quality. We believe we can contribute a strength to shaping the future human health.

slip ring for Medical

Successful cases in shadowless lamp, CT machine, blood test machine
Can integrate electrical power, Ethernet, analog, digital signals
Configurable and modular design to fit high current, speed or other appearance
Small size with a long working life tested by third party
Low friction and contact resistance, without friction fragment
Advanced fiber brush technology to achieve extremely low electrical noise

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