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Slip rings are very important in 360° rotating camera. One of the core parts for video quality and surveillance range.

A slip ring can transmit powers and signals from camera to systems. Fit for limited space within the high speed PTZ camera or dome camera. Ensure the camera operating smoothly in a long time.

GRAND typical solution for CCTV&PTZ camera is small size slip ring, such as HDMI slip rings, Ethernet slip rings or normal signal slip rings. Protection level can meet IP68 and -40℃ to +80℃ working temperature.

slip ring for Surveillance

Precious metal and multi contacts ensure stable signal transmission with no packet loss
Support various large current, signal transmissions
Electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference design
Small size and compact
Support large data and high rate transmissions
Support various HD video signals
The connection of rotor and stator can be customized by working conditions
Option for installation method by working conditions
Option for combine with fiber optic rotary joint and pneumatic/hydraulic rotary joint

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