What Is Military Slip Ring?

Military defense slip rings for shipborne radar turntable, rotating turrets on military armored vehicles, military agitators, military robots (demining), airborne radar turntable/guidance/air early warning system, ship electric thruster, radar guidance, missile launch, defense system, etc. Requires stable performance, long life, maintenance-free, and fully meets the special requirements of military equipment in different application fields such as high protection level, high and low-temperature resistance (-55 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃), vibration resistance, impact resistance, resistance to Special requirements such as high voltage, low electrical noise (less than 5mΩ), isolation greater than 60db, and extremely low signal transmission loss.

Military Slip Ring

Available for Fully Custom, Certification of Weapons and Equipments Quality Management System

GRAND slip rings have been successfully performing in military and defense applications and have passed the certification of weapons and equipment quality management systems. The slip rings are used in various applications on land, sea, and air. GRAND also collaborated with universities, and institutes at home and abroad like the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are successful cases in China and the Middle East.

Please contact us directly since all military/defense slip rings are involved and classified should be protected.