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Wind turbine slip rings are responsible for the power of whole wind turbine generator system and the functions of control signals, data transmission. Its precision, reliability, working life will directly affect the performance of wind power generation system.

Wind turbine slip rings need good low temperature resistance, high humidity, sand resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, stable performance and free maintenance characteristics, and the service life can reach hundreds of millions of revolutions.

Wind turbine require reliable power and data signal transmission between the cabin and the rotating blade control system.

Wind turbine slip rings provide the performance and quality which are needed in this demanding environment. Wind turbine slip rings rely on the design of elastic lap joint, rolling lap, sealing and ingenious movement structure, also the precision parts, reasonable material choose, etc. That form a stable and reliable rotary connection system.

Fiber brush technology and rugged mechanical components are designed by GRAND which can avoided costly downtime maintenance.

slip ring for Wind turbine

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With heat abstractor and auto heating device, ensure slip ring can working under high/low temperature

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