Capsule slip ring

Capsule rings are suitable for applications with a signal and power transmission and small footprint and low costs. The combined small size and high performing efficiency make them suitable for transmitting video and other demanding space-critical applications. Our capsule rings have a standard diameter range of between 22 mm and 25 mm and standard circuit counts between two and 56 circuits, low-current signal circuits, high-current power circuits, and various combinations. Gold-on-gold contacts are utilized to provide for long life, low noise, minimal interference between circuits and low resistance to contact. This makes the capsule ring slip suitable for CCTV applications to relay video signals. Surface speeds are decreased with the use of smaller rotors; in addition, this eliminates imbalances, reduces operating temperatures and further increases the working life of the machine. Compact rings of 22-54 mm outward diameter. Capsule Slip Rings. The advanced technique of military surface treatment and gold-gold touch was introduced to ensure that slip rings are ideally suited for applications with controlling low signal transmission.


These slip capsules are small and precisely designed, with low torque and steady transmission, for those high-precision devices. We have very low electric noise (mini 1 meter), assured by international partners ‘ implemented gold plate technology. To order to cater to more demanding markets, the rotary electrical interface can also incorporate the power, high-frequency rotary joints, and fiber optical rotary joints.  Furthermore, the remarkable benefit is that the series can transmit hundreds of signals.

  • They are best used in applications, including signal and power transmission. A compact footprint is also essential along with the low cost.
  • They are a mixture of centered reach and high functions that make them suitable for video and other stimulating space transfers.
  • These use a gold-on gold connector to ensure longer, low noise and minimal interference, making it ideal for video signals for applications such as CCTV.
  • The capsule slip rings are cost-effective; the compact ring family allows greater versatility to cope when large versions are not available. Capsules are equipped with a limit of 56 contacts.
  • OD 22~25 mm and Standard for middle / small rotating signal transmission system. They are also equipped for CCTV or small rotary systems.
  • Regular, off-the-shelf, no direct bore-the use of gold on gold contacts to ensure a long lifespan, low noise, minimal disruption and contact resistance between circuits
  • Camera, monitor, sensor, power and ethernet support

3. Top Capsule Slip Rings

  • MC190 Series

The 6-wire lightweight OD 22 mm slip ring, signal(2A)/ring is economical.MC190 is a standard gold-gold capsule slip ring guaranteeing the reliability of the signal transmission and operational life, particularly for civilian business areas. The MC1909 is the high-end release for use in the military, security and other non-civilian MC190 regions, with ultra-thick gold plated imported rods, special brush alloy alloys.

  • MC260 Series

MC260 is the standard electrical gold-gold slipper capsules that ensure the reliability of signal transmission and working life, used mainly in civil, commercial areas.

MC2609 is an ultra-thick, gold-plated, imported bearing, a rare brushed alloy of metal, used primarily for the army, defense and other non-civilian areas.

  • MC330 Series

MC330 are regular gold-gold ring capsule slipping contacts that maintain signal transmission reliability and operational existence, used mainly in civil and commercial environments.MC3309 is the MC3301 high-end variant, ultra-thick gold plated imported bellows and brushes, used primarily in the army, defense or other non-civilian areas for the rare metal alloy.

  • MC400 Series

MC400 is a cost-effective 24-wire OD 22 mm lightweight, gold-gold (2A)/ring slip ring, ensuring the signal transmissions reliability and working life primarily used in the civilian industry. Any electronic system that requires unregulated, intermittent, or continuous rotation during power and/or data transference can use the slip circular capsule. Miniature ring capsules cover essential volume and weight restrictions economically. The rotor and the brush blocks are in each assembly. Existing designs are available, or custom rings can be designed to match your requirements.MC4009 is an ultra-thick gold plated, imported coatings variant corresponding to the MC400 version of the rare alloy brushes, used primarily for military, defenses and other areas not civilian.

  • MC573 Series

MC573 is a standard gold-gold capsule ring that guarantees the reliability of signal transmission and service, used mostly in civilian business areas.Mc5739 is the ultra-thick gold-plated, imported bearings; rare metal alloy burnt pins that are primarily used in military, defense and other not – for-government regions, MC5739 high-end variant.

  • MC857 Series

MC857 are the standard gold-gold capsule gliding rings, which have ensured the transmission and work-life stability of the signal used primarily in civil, commercial areas.MC8579 is a high-end variant MC857-compatible with, and mainly for, military, defense and other public sectors, ultra-thick gold-plated, manufactured bearings, rare metal alloy brushes.

  • Mini Capsule Slip Ring 300Rpm

Rotating gold contact surface–gold, precious metal contacts to ensure long life; 360 ° rotation can be the smooth transmission of analog and digital signals consistent with the data bus protocol; smooth operation, small size, low pressure, low sounds; lightweight and wearable silver-plated wire Teflon; strong ball bearing steel for long term operations; application: choosing the gold contact surface; Closed-circuit control of the mini-rolling machine.

  • 12.5mm 300Rpm 6 Wires CIRCUITSx2A

The Slip Ring Capsule is a regular, off-the-shelf product, which uses the rotary interface with gold contacts. The stator and rotor are both used with color-coded lead wires for simpler electrical connections. The smoother operation, lower torque low contact wear rates than the competitive slip ring is accomplished with a 90-degree V groove ring configuration for each anneal. It offers six configurations of the circuit. Using innovative design technologies, lower consumption.A typical off-shelf product of the Capsule ring, which uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. In simpler electrical connections, color-coded plumbing wires for both stator and rotor are used. For each ring, V-groove ring design offers smoother output, lower torque wear rates than competitive slip. It offers six settings for circuits.


A wide variety of industries, including factory automation, heavy equipment, tooling, packaging, medical, gas and oil, defense, and aviation, are used in slip-ring products.

Standard product lines of electrical slip ring with high-performance brush technology grouped by design type and circuit configuration.

If the range of standard ring items isn’t appropriate for your project, they provide a personalized ring solution that meets the exact circuits, ratings and design specifications.


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