Military slip ring

In many high-tech military equipments, 360 ° rotation and current/signal transmission are needed and slip rings come into play. And, as the fact shows, the rings in the military market are becoming increasingly important. For specific applications, more detailed standards are needed: high protection, high temperatures, and long-lasting high voltage, anti-shock, anti-vibration, low noise, and transmission loss, insulating more than 60% DB. Etc. The strict quality standards of military installations require a stable, long-term and maintenance less ring. The growth not only of the economy and sciences but also of its military modernization is calculated by a powerful country. In military terms, the country’s strength gets stronger and stronger, and a great deal of military equipment is high-tech.

A number of specific standards are in place for the technical quality and reliability of military equipment and, thus, stringent and comprehensive procurement specifications are laid down. A nation can promote the growth of economics and technology, with strong military equipment only.

Such standards and specifications will certainly bring the technology of manufacturing to a new level and allow China to become a worldwide recognized industrial technology. For military equipment, automation developments are ongoing, and shortly, the autonomous military robot would be used on the battlefield. The variety of signal form and current / power, the high standard of zero interference and the sophistication of a military slip ring installation set a very high standard for the slip ring provider. Thus for clients with a military background, choosing a professional supplier has become a top priority.

Types of Military Rings

Electro-Optic Systems Slip Rings

The dramatic rise in sophisticated electro-optical sensor systems, providing information on the battlefield, has led to major hardware development. Such EO systems require enormous data, power, and other signals, to be transmitted across the rotating axes. High bandwidth loops, rotational tubes, fiber optic rotary joints, and multiplexing systems have always been a step forward in these specifications.

Design of many big EO systems in airborne and land. Slip Ring assembly has been used by the Abrams Tank Commander independent thermal viewer (CITV).

Helicopter Slip Rings

Advanced aircraft are now carrying unregulated rotation of infrared and electromechanical sensors, target acquisition systems and weapons stations. Slip rings (and our corresponding motion technology components) therefore play a much wider and more important role.

Companies have produced systems that combine conventional power rings with solvers, encoders, rotary optic fibers, and other materials, as well as the manufacturing of lightweight, light weights and highly reliable ring slip rings.

Today’s rotorcraft applications require slip ring technology because of the specifications of equipment and the environment. Helicopter slip rings must work in a highly reliable model with the latest product developments from de-icing applications (which include high rotation rates, exposure to great weather and high vibration) to missile stations and electro-optical systems (which are fitted with high bandwidth signaling). We are eligible to meet the most challenging requirements efficiently and economically with the combination of precious metal fiber and composite brush technology in signal and power transfer.

Miniature Slip Ring Capsules

The economic assemblies of mini slip ring capsules tackle both critical space and weight constraints. The rotor, brush blocks, frame, ball bearings, and cover are all included in each assembly. These are tiny slip rings that meet the needs of small devices in which power and signal from a moving component to the spinning part must be transferred.

They are ideal for electric appliances such as sensors, video transmissions, and control panels because of their small size. They are particularly well suited for rotating systems requiring low signal control.

Propeller Slip Rings

Specialist rings of de-icing are used to transfer electrical power to spinning propellers from airframe generators. Such propellers are heated to avoid ice build-up in adverse weather conditions either during flight or on the ground. The correct choice of materials for rings and brushes along with a very fine surface finish on the rings ensures the best working life of the device. The service life at 1200 to 100 million turns, usually reaching 1500 hours, is equal to simple maintenance to adjust the brush and brush base. For each application, units are built.

Vehicular Slip Rings

That complexity of modern military vehicles needs a ring that provides the stationary and rotating components with reliable electrical interfaces. To meet the challenges, Moog slip rings were used in many car programs. The small sample of these car systems is M1/A2 and M60, A2/A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Stryker, Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs), and the V150 Commando vehicles.

In the light of technological developments, stabilized gun systems and fire control systems, as well as high bandwidth data communication, have created unique requirements for slip rings for vehicles.


Slip Ring as a precision machinery component, the process decides explicitly the product quality is good or poor, skillful designers use some standard standards for material processing defects to compensate for engineering design, sometimes experience what the relation to the operating part is. A slip ring is a precision component; each method has stringent operational requirements; the worker’s role also has a crucial effect in dealing with product quality. For example, the material’s quality may lead to leakage and so forth.

There are several challenges facing vehicles such as tanks, retrievers, launches of mobile rockets, small blind vehicles and blanket carriers. Hydraulic turret-actuating systems may need the combined electrical traditional slip ring with a hydraulic joint for an electro-hydraulic slip-ring which ensures a reliable fluid interface. An NBC atmosphere can threaten to require the provision of filtered air through pneumatic channels in the slip-ring to crew members. A slip ring large enough in diameter to include the station but thin in cross-section to minimize space requirements may be necessary to install a separately rotating head office or cupola. These advances in military technology and many others have called for equally sophisticated solutions for the reliable operation of the slip ring industry.


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