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Slip rings as imperative parts of marine equipment, are wide to marine propeller systems, cranes, winches, shipborne radar, etc. Special surface process and sealing design let the connector acid-proof, corrosion, mist and vibration, and shock resistant. Easy for maintenance and use.

GRAND developed a large current 1500A and long life slip ring for heavy equipment and the working temperature at -55℃+120℃ with min. Transmission loss and electrical noise. Successful cases for Platform, crane, shipborne radar, cable capstan & winch, umbilical hose reel systems, propulsion & propeller systems, open ideas for review.

slip ring for Marine

Accept to customize IP68 protection level, -60℃~+240℃, high pressure, 2000A current slip ring
Designed for marine industry, working under harsh conditions, third party report for salt spray, impact, acid, anti vibration, anti corrosion
Can integrate electrical power, Ethernet, analog, digital signals or other signals
Isolation is greater than 60 db, low signal loss and electrical noise

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