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Measuring equipments include leveling instrument, theodolite, total station, viscometer, etc. It is a representative of high-tech products integrating light, machine and electricity. They have different functions and need rotation while working. Electrical Slip rings must be used to avoid interruption of signal and current transmission during rotation. 22~54mm outer diameter capsule slip rings, 12.5~16mm outer diameter miniature slip rings, 7.7~11.1mm outer diameter super miniature slip rings, pancake slip rings and 3~1080mm hole diameter through hole slip rings are the best choice for rotary and signal transmission of precision measuring equipments. By experience, most precision measuring equipments use through hole slip rings with a diameter of 12.7mm or less.

GRAND designed different types of electrical slip rings for various measuring instrument. Signal and current can be integrated in a slip ring. Gas, liquid, signal also can be integrated in a 360° rotary system.

measure slip ring

360° rotating transmit power and signals solving wires wrapping problem
High working speed, low electrical noise
Transmit various signals like Ethernet, USB, thermocouple, HDMI, etc.
Good insulativity and shielding effectiveness, with no packet loss and signal interference

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