Slip Ring Common Vocabulary Popularization


The glossary is in slip rings field of knowledge with the definitions for below terms.

Slip ring

A slip ring is used for transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure.

Rotary joint

A rotary joint (rotary union) can transmit pneumatic/hydraulic medium from static system to dynamic rotating system, it is a kind of sealing parts for transmission connection.


A commutator in contrast has a ring with at least two breaks in it. Each opposing pair of resulting contacts is wired to opposite poles of the motor.

Slip ring rotary joint

Slip ring combined rotary joint, more complex and multifunctional.

Electrical slip ring

Precise parts used for signal, electrical power transmission of two relative rotating equipments.

Pancake slip ring

Specially used for the rotating system with height limit.

It can be configured in two types;

Integrated pancake slip ring can designed for solid or through hole rotating system.

Separated pancake slip ring is composed of separated rotor and contact brush, can designed with PCB.

Ethernet Slip Ring

Designed for 250Mhz frequency signals. It is used to transmit 100M/1000M Ethernet signals. Can mix electrical power and signals, and also transmit multi-channel low-frequency signals and currents. With advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, no serial code, small return loss, low insertion loss, etc.

High temperature slip ring

Mainly used in high temperature situations such as heating equipments and hot roller, to transmit thermocouple signal and power. It can work stably under high temperature of 100~250 ℃, corrosion and aging resistance.

High speed slip ring

The working speed is from 1000 rpm to 20000 rpm.

Hollow slip ring

Hollow shaft slip ring is also called through hole/bore slip ring.

Alternator slip rings

It is mainly used in alternator, used to convert electric energy by rotating.