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Slip rings make transmission in rotating devices and machines possible. That is because they are responsible for transferring a signal from the rotor to the stator. So, you are considering buying a pancake slip ring, what do you know about it? Does it suit the purpose you are buying it for? Read here to know more about the pancake slip ring before you go ahead and buy one.

Slip rings are inevitable for manufacturers dealing with rotating parts. There is a need to coordinate and transmit signals and power between components. That is where a slip ring comes in handy. Before any customer buys any slip ring, he or she must learn more about it.

Customers need to know the dimensions, properties, reliability, and capacity of the slip ring they intend to buy. They also need to understand what makes the slip ring and how to take care of and maintain it. Here is more information on one of the most famous slip rings, the pancake slip ring.

What is a Pancake Slip Ring?

The pancake slip ring is one that is flat and plate-like in shape. It is a slip ring that is for places where the vertical space is less than the horizontal one. It is suitable for use in plants and industries where the installation space is limited.

Due to the way manufacturers make them, customers prefer to use the pancake ring over the others. It has a wide variety of uses and has many amazing properties that make it favorable to have and use in machines and other rotating devices. Before you learn more about them, here is how the slip ring works.

How Does the Pancake Ring Work?

The pancake slip ring works like any other slip ring. It has a stator that is of graphite, metallic or high fiber technology, and the rotor part. The two connect to sensors and transfer signals to and from each other. They are easy to assemble and maintain.

The pancake slip rings are suitable to use because it is also simple, and one can detect any mechanical problem, noise, or any other issues and quickly fix them. So, what more should a customer know before buying a pancake slip ring?

10 Essential Things to Know About Pancake Slip Ring

To understand the slip ring, one must look at the different aspects of the slip ring. Manufacturers consider every aspect when making the pancake slip ring to have desirable properties. Manufacturers can also make a pancake slip ring according to customer specifications. The following are the essential things you should know about pancake slip rings:

1) These Slip Rings Come in Different Dimensions

Yes, the slip ring is for places where the vertical space is less than the horizontal one. What you should know is that manufacturers make bigger and broader pancake rings to suit different purposes. They can also be as the customer specifies. That means there are big and small pancake slip rings.

2) They Carry More Capacity

The pancake slip rings are suitable for transferring electrical currents. That is because not only can it carry more channels, but it can transmit a voltage of up to 440 vac/DC and a current rating of up to 5-20A making it the best when it comes to electricity transfer.

3) Comes With Quality Brushes

Brushes play a significant role in transmission in slip rings. When it comes to a pancake slip ring, the brushes are of suitable quality metals. It can be of fiber or different alloys. They don’t rust nor cause friction, and because of that, they don’t require oiling or maintenance, making the slip ring cost-effective.

4) Pancake Slip Ring Collects Wear Debris

Due to extreme weather conditions and constant rotation, the slip ring can wear out or have dirt settling on it. The slip ring collects the debris at the surfaces, which can inconvenience the way the slip ring functions.

Due to that, frequent checking and maintenance can take care of the issue.

5) Make Low Noise and Constant Resistant

Sound in a slip ring is because of friction and corrosion of surfaces.  Since the brushes of the pancake slip ring are of fiber or any other quality material, less abrasion and corrosion happen so there is low noise when the machine is rotating.

6) Suitable for Slow-Moving Speed

Every slip ring comes with specific reps. What is impressive about the slip ring is that it can be of different rotating power depending on customer specifications. It means a customer can find a pancake slip ring that suits the purpose of buying making it cost-effective.

7) Low Torque

Manufacturers make the pancake slip ring in a way that produces little toque. That is to make it more powerful when in use without damaging any of its parts. Low torque is necessary for any slip ring so as for the slip ring to be effective in transferring signals.

8) Low Maintenance Cost

Every manufacturer strives to produce the best useful pancake slip ring. That is why you find the slip ring of different materials and quality. What stands out is the use of fiber technique and other rust-free and oil-free material that makes customers’ work of maintenance easier and cost less.

9) Assures High Stability and Reliability

With all the above qualities, it is evident that the slip ring is reliable.  Manufacturers use unique technology like vacuum and fiber tech to make the brushes and other parts of the pancake device, making it secure, effective, and durable to use in different applications.

10) Are Available in Different Types

Yes, the pancake ring can come in up to 18 models. Some have holes at the center while others don’t. The dimensions can vary depending on purpose and customer specifications. It is up to the customer to know why they need the slip ring and the best to suit the purpose.


The pancake slip ring is diverse and best to use in different industrial applications. For a customer looking to buy a pancake slip ring, it is good to understand various aspects of the slip ring before they buy. The above essential things to know about the pancake slip ring help a customer to understand the slip ring fully.         

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