CHG007-1 is a single channel FORJ with OD 6.8mm housing,supports singlemode and multimode, Suitable for harsh conditions, Non-contact, no wear, working life up to 500 million revs.


No. of Channels1
Wavelength range650-1650nm
Insertion loss<3dB(typical:1-2dB)
Insertion loss ripple±0.5 to 1 dB
Return loss>45dB
Maximum speed10000 rpm
Working temperature-40 to 65℃
Storage temperature-45 to 75℃
Housing materialStainless steel
Fiber type9/125μm, 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm
ConnectorFC, ST, SC or LC
Estimated life cycle500 million circles
IP ratingIP51 to IP 65

Typical drawing

Singlemode forj drawing


◆ Large data transmission capacity and high transmission rate

◆ Long-distance transmission

◆ No leaks, no electromagnetic interference

◆ Compact design and light weight

◆ Suitable for harsh conditions

◆ Long life span


◆ No. of channels

◆ Single mode or Multi mode

◆ Connector (FC, ST, SC and LC)

◆ Length of pigtail

◆ Protection level (dust and water)

◆ Available combine with electrical slip ring

Model designation

FORJ type