High Current Slip Ring DHG75190-4

Slip rings of the DHG75190-4 is design for high current 50A~400A, High current can be customized as per actual demand.


Electrical DataMechanical Data
No. of Rings3rings for 400A
1ring for 90A
Inner Diameter75mm
Rated Current90A, 400AOuter Diameter190mm
Rated Voltage380VACWorking Speed0-250rpm
Insulation Resistance1000MΩ/1000VDCWorking Temperature-20℃~+80℃
Dielectric Strength1000VAC@50HZ,60SWorking Humidity60% RH or higher
Electrical Noise<0.01ΩStructure MaterialEngineering plastics
Contact materialPrecious material
Protection levelIP51

Typical drawing


◆ Integrated structure design for easy installation

◆ 50A, 100A, 500A, 1000A or higher current are available

◆ Various sizes with internal or external thread installation

◆ IP 51 (IP54-IP68 can be customized)

◆ Signals combination with high current is available

Typical applications

◆ Automatic machines

◆ Oil drilling

◆ Port machinery

◆ Marine

◆ Crane


◆ Working speed

◆ Rated voltage

◆ Rated current

◆ No. of rings

◆ Connector

◆ Housing material

◆ Position of wire outlet, wire length

◆ Protection level (dust and water)

◆ Flange mounting is optional

Model designation

name of current slip ring