Optical Transmitter and Receiver XYOES-027

The optical transceiver package and send the two channels of RS422, two channels of RS485, one channel 1553B to receiver through single mode fiber. The receiver parses the optical signal into serial signal. The receiver can be with two pieces of optical fiber connector, in order to achieve  the communication between the three nodes. The optical transceiver is equipped with a bus with good real-time performance, high bus efficiency and good integrity of data transmission, which is suitable for long-distance communication between devices.


QuantityOptical transmitter one set, receiver one set
InterfaceOptical transmitter and receiver with a FC interface, a 24V power interface , terminal power supply, a 1553B interface, two RS422 interfaces, two RS485 interfaces
Fiber typeSingle mode
Fiber optical connector typeFC/PC
Working Temperature-40℃~+80℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+85℃
Supply voltageDC 24V
Size (L*W*H)170*150*50mm


◆ The speed of 1553B can reacg 1Mbps, good real-time, high efficiency

◆ The speed of RS422 RS485 can reach 1Mbps, use the standard DB9 plug, each to connect

◆ Can support the three nodes communicate with each other at 1553B

◆ Strong in anti-interference