Optical Transmitter and Receiver XYOES-033

This kind of optical transmitter and receiver is a precision and smart , can convert LVDS signal into optical signal and transmission under water 200 meters . This product in small size, light weight, low power consumption and high speed ,used Glass sintering, laser welding technology to ensure the waterproof characteristics, it is a miniature underwater product with high tightness , suitable for data transmission between the high precision equipment under water.


QuantityOptical transmitter one set, receiver one set
InterfaceAn outlet with one fiber optical wire,two power wire, two groups of LVDS signal wire
Fiber typeSingle mode
Working Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-30℃~+60℃
Supply voltageDC 5V


◆ Transmission distance can reach 200m under water

◆ Integrate circuit core technology

◆ With anti-water design , safety protection

◆ Error rate can reach 10-8