Optical Transmitter and Receiver XYOES-034

This kind of optical transmitter and receiver will package SDI video transmit parsing out through single mode fiber optical. SMPTE-424M 3 Gbos, SMPTE292M HD-SDI, SMPTE-259M SDI serial digital video signal and DVB-ASI signal are supported. It used special optical mode, ensure HD image without flash screen, black screen ,blue screen and other phenomenons when transmission. It is suitable for animal filming, live broadcast, fiber-optic transmission, television remote studios, news gathering, military command and control.


QuantityOptical transmitter one set, receiver one set
InterfaceOptical transmitter and receiver with a SFP optical mode interface, a 12V power interface and a BNC interface
Fiber typeSingle mode
Fiber optical connector typeLC/PC
Working Temperature-40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+60℃
Supply voltageDC 9V
Size (L*W*H)70*27*24.5mm


◆ Smart size is 70×27×24.5mm

◆ Good real time: SDI signal directly convert to optical signal through processor, no need compress and decompress data.

◆ Stability quality , low power consumption, can continue stability working long time even at the poor environment (-40℃~60℃)

◆ Auto adaptation to SD-SDI(270Mb/s)、HD-SDI(1.5Gb/s)and 3G-SDI(3Gb/s)

◆ Long distance transmission, single mode fiber at least 10KM

◆ SFP mode support hot plug, can be choose optical mode flexibly