PIN HM032-4

Slip rings of the Pin type series apply multiple contact points to assures long life-span due to the low contact wear rates, while guaranteeing low contact resistance.

IP rating up to IP68 to makes the slip ring washable, guaranteeing protection against low pressure jets if watered from all directions.


Electrical DataMechanical Data
Rated CurrentPower,20A/ring
Working Speed0-400RPM
Rated VoltagePower,0~380VAC/VDC
Working Temperature-20℃~+80℃
Insulation ResistancePower,≥500MΩ/500VDC
Working Humidity0-85% RH
Dielectric StrengthPower,1000VAC@50Hz,60s
Structure MaterialEngineering plastic
Dynamic Resistance<0.01ΩContact materialGold to Gold
ABS: Engineering plastic housing material
AL: Aluminum alloy housing material
SL: Stainless steel housing material

Typical drawing


◆Mercury free, environmentally

◆Multi-point brush contact material ensure long life

◆Integrated structure design for easy installation

◆Standard model supports 2-5rings power or signal(0~20A/ring)

◆IP 51, IP54 and IP68

◆Free maintenance

◆Transmitting power and sensitive signals


◆ Optional for underwater IP65, IP68

◆ Working speed, current &voltage

◆ No. of rings

◆ Housing material

◆ Protection level (dust and water)

◆ Working temperature

Typical application

◆ Flowpack machines

◆ Packaging

◆ Cable reels

◆ Process control

◆ Rotary table

◆ Medical, Pharmaceutical equipment

◆ Converting machines

Model designation