RF rotary joint HR14-1-SMA-18

HR14-1-SMA-18 RF rotary joints are designed according to the skin effect of high frequency signals and the structure of coaxial cable. Support single or multi-channels to transfer DC~18GHz RF signals, also can be integrated electric and other signals. HF rotary joint high frequency signal use 50Ω characteristic impedance RF coaxial structure.


No. of Channels1 Channel
Frequency RangeDC-18GHZ
Average Power30W
Standing Wave Ratio≤1.4
Standing Wave Ratio Fluctuation≤0.03
Max Insertion Loss≤0.5dB
Insertion Fluctuation≤0.1dB
Maximum Speed100 rpm
Working Temperature-20 to 80℃

Typical drawing

RF rotary joint drawing


◆ Frequency: DC~18GHz

◆ Can be combine with power and signal transmission

◆ Low insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio

◆ Support 1 or 2 RF channels

Model designation

name of rf slip ring