slip ring electrical rotary union

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What Are Slip Ring Connectors?

Slip ring connectors are electrical connectors that allow the transfer of electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating component. They are used in a wide range of applications, including medical imaging equipment, robotics, industrial automation, and aerospace applications. Slip ring connectors are typically constructed from metal, plastic, or composite materials and are designed to provide reliable and secure connections.

Benefits of Using Slip Ring Connectors

Slip ring connectors offer a number of advantages compared to traditional wire-based connections. They are more reliable and secure, and can withstand more extreme temperatures and environments than traditional wiring. They also offer a much higher signal bandwidth, allowing for faster data transfer speeds. Additionally, slip ring connectors are much easier to install and maintain than traditional wiring, saving time and money.

Our Selection of Slip Ring Connectors

We offer a wide selection of slip ring connectors for sale, including:

  • High-performance connectors for demanding applications
  • Low-cost and robust connectors for cost-sensitive applications
  • Connector accessories, such as mounting brackets and cables

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