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Anytime you want to select a slip ring, it’s very important that you are specific before you decide on any kind to buy. This is because if you choose the wrong ring, lots of avoidable safety issues can arise—which may include accidents. Hence, the question: “How can you select suitable slip rings?”

Selecting Safety Rings

It’s obvious that there are many models of slip rings in the market. One of them each has their sizes or spaces; lengths and other important requirements. Thus, it becomes imperative that you are careful when you put some things under check before you select a slip ring.

Just before delving into the crux of the matter, it’s important to note some crucial characteristics slip rings possess. This includes their available types and specs. Another important necessity to check is the working environment of the slip ring.

The ring’s working environment is one important aspect to check because there are temperature differences. Also, a number of spare parts are used for different ring applications. Otherwise, any error made in the process of installation or inappropriate kind can lead to disastrous safety consequences.

In order to prevent uncertainties, here are three important steps to selecting a slip ring:

  • Check Mechanical Parameters and Slip Ring Materials

Mechanical parts that seriously need to be checked just before selecting the appropriate slip ring to use include machines that make use of CNC to specify dimensions for different parameters. For example, a particular ring could possess operating speed, channel number, contact material, humidity, torque, and many others.

If you’re to purchase a slip ring that would work in an environment where mechanical activity is imminent, then mechanical parameters are key to getting the best possible material that is necessary. Meanwhile, all of these are due to how crucial the speed of the slip ring is while on rotational installations because it single-handedly affects the modus operandi of the functions of the entire application.

Again, it’s better in this condition so far as the application would run at high speeds. Conductive rings are highly beneficial in stopping it from failing by reducing the number of paths it takes.

Mechanical slip rings should be selected with care because lots of other issues abound–the number of rotations, for instance. The extent to which the ring rotates determines the effects it brings to the application. If this is properly managed, it may result in application failure.

Additionally, slip ring material is another thing to be kept in proper check. So far most of the available rings are been made of gold alloys, silver, and coppers, hence, anytime slip rings are to be selected, the materials with which they are made are necessary because this is what would determine how well-secured, rigid, and long-lasting the slip ring would be.

Apart from the understanding that durability is of high essence, the environment in which the ring would work is imperative to be taken note of. Assuming such a working environment is corrosive in nature, then good materials that wouldn’t easily wear out or corrode should be used.

  • Cost of maintenance and size and construction of Slip Ring

Normally, the selection of slip rings usually involves performance monitoring. Nonetheless, the costs of maintenance must be keenly checked. It is often advisable to buy slip rings that are not too difficult to maintain—even as it is an important parameter that supplies the power that operates machines.

Furthermore, it is important to know that slip rings come in a couple of sizes with different functionalities. However, some companies produce rings that could be used in different applications. For this reason, anytime you want to select a slip ring, you should have made a clear-cut decision on the type you desire and the precise size you should go for.

Again, the physical look of the slip ring should be taken into context because manufacturers are always on the look to build rings according to customer requirements which makes it useful for a number of applications.

Slip Ring Harness

Humidity, Contact Material, and Brushes

Without a doubt, humidity plays an important role whenever slip rings are in rotation. It’s important to note that: at the time of purchase, the moisture content is relatively low. It’s important to take note of this because humidity plays a big role in the insulation of the mechanical slip ring’s resistance. If you can test the ring in a work environment similar to its original humid operating environment, you will definitely get a hint of how the ring works. This process would definitely prevent accidents.

Also, in high-speed rotating environments, it’s natural that lots of heat would be generated. When this happens, contact material melts. You should be aware that just before slip rings work, a little contact must have been created in a little space. Hence, contact materials must be made of top quality. The characteristics that contact materials should possess include wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and low resistance. If these essential functionalities are put in place, then the slip ring can be in operation for 24 hours uninterrupted. However, if the slip ring contact material is of low quality, the ring would easily wear away, creating other issues.

Lastly, brushes are important mechanisms in slip rings. They are often made of metallic conductors even though they look more like a paintbrush.

Brushes play important roles in the conduction of electric current even while between rotating wires and static ones. During rotation, little areas on the brush called “contact spots” touch the commutator. Before purchase, you should ensure to check if the contact spots are evenly shared on the carbon brush.

Also, brushes with high sensitivity should be taken for they prevent arcing on the commutator interface. Apart from this, highly sensitive brushes retain power density for Direct Current motors.


Whenever you are at the juncture of selecting slip rings, you should check the specifications. This is because it connotes bigger roles in the operation of the entire application. You shouldn’t underestimate the process of selection because if you did, there might be some overtly relapsing implications. Be attentive to important parameters and dimensions. All-in-all, if you follow these three important ways to select a slip ring, you will enjoy the value for your money for a very long time.


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