pancake slip ring

What is a pancake slip ring?

It’s comparable to a through-hole slip ring for rotating systems with height restrictions. Rings and brushes make contact around the circular center, giving it names like flat slip ring, flat disc electrical slip ring, and platter slip ring. The pancake slip ring stator, rotor, and contacts get utilized to transmit precise signals and power. They can, however, get employed with pneumatic and hydraulic media as well. Electrical power, current, and signal circuits can get extended endlessly on a flat circumference.

There are two types: integrated and separated.

The integrated slip ring can get built for either a solid or a through-hole rotating system. Separated slip rings are composed of a separated rotor and a contact brush, and they can get designed using a PCB.


Electrical flat slip rings operate on the premise of high voltage. A spinning and stationary portion make up the two halves of a pancake slip ring. The Stationary part gets constructed of graphite or another good conducting metallic material, and it gets designed using the fiber brush technique.

In comparison to other forms of slip rings, the structure of these slip rings is less complex. The conduction material is connected to a flat plate, while the metal rings are attached to a shaft. The diameter and volume of these slip rings differ depending on the application and necessity. The connection, however, is made with some unique metallic materials.

flat slip ring


Although it produces the best results when combined with silver, there are a few things to know before acquiring these electromechanical devices. Choosing a pancake slip ring entails locating trustworthy vendors and manufacturers that offer slip rings tailored to your specific gear or application.

Automobile showrooms

Pancake slip rings’ flat form makes them best for low to medium speed, ideal for car dealerships. The slip rings can withstand heavy mass rotation, and showroom automobiles get frequently presented in circular courses and motions. The majority of vehicle dealerships rely on slip rings to operate. In fact, many outdoor advertisements also use this kind of slip rings.

Offshore cranes

Offshore cranes may use a mix of high voltage slip rings, although a pancake design is always present. They are handy when running components that require a lot of vertical space, such as full rotation.

Automatic doors

Which are responsible for the rotating disc inside, are the most prevalent use of pancake slip rings.


Pancake rings get utilized in various rotating parts motors and electromechanical systems. The thin shape is ideal for applications where horizontal space is more valuable than vertical.


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