Optical Transmitter and Receiver XYOES-009

XYOES-009 mainly consists of a transmitter optical terminal and a receiver optical terminal. It is able to achieve transmission of 4 channels Gigabitethernet + 2 channels Gigabitphysical isolation + 8 channels high speed RS422 signal with one way transmission speed is 8Mbps + 5 channels  low speed RS422 signal with the two ways transmission speed is 115.2Kbps. Suitable for optical fiber network transmission with long distance (20/60/80/120KM), support 10/100M transmission speed completely.


QuantityOptical transmitter one set, receiver one set
InterfaceOptical transmitter and receiver with a FC interface, two channels of physical isolation 100 Megabyte network debugging port, a HJ30J interface ( 4 megabits), a HJ30J interface ( 8 channels of the one way transmission, high speed RS422 signal with the speed of 8Mpbs ), a HJ30J interface ( 5 channels of the two ways transmission, low speed RS422 with the speed of 115.2Kbps) and a J30J power interface
Fiber typeSingle mode
Fiber optical connector typeFC/PC
Working Temperature-40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+85℃
Supply voltageDC 28V
Size (L*W*H)240*168*40mm


◆ Adapt to 10/100Mbps environment automatically, easy to upgrade of the network

◆ Equipment supply with 10/100M ethernet electric port 4pcs, 100M ethernet electric port(physical isolation) 2pcs, the one way RS422 series interface 8 pcs, the two ways RS422 series interface 5 pcs

◆ Support full duplex and half duplex networkcommunication, with automatic negotiation capability, MDI/ MDI-X adaptive without manual adjustment

◆ Supports the switch selection of the twisted-pair crossover connection, which is convenient for system debugging and installation.