Through Hole Slip Ring HG5075

HG5075 series with through hole 50mm, OD75mm, suitable for rotating application which requires a through hole ≤50mm.

Standard model supports 1-3 power rings(0-12A/ring) or 1-5 signal rings(0~5A/ring)


ModelPower Rings (12A)Signal Rings (5A)Length L(mm)


Electrical DataMechanical Data
Rated CurrentPower,12A/ring
Max. Speed0-250RPM
Rated VoltagePower,0~380VAC/VDC
Working Temperature-20℃~+80℃
Insulation ResistancePower,≥1000MΩ/1000VDC
Working Humidity0-85% RH
Dielectric StrengthPower,[email protected],60s
Signal,[email protected],60s
Structure MaterialEngineering plastic
Wire SizePower,Sliver plated Teflon AWG16(10A)
Signal,Sliver plated Teflon AWG22(5A)
Contact MaterialPrecious metal
Wire LengthStandard 500mm(adjustable)Protection LevelIP51
Dynamic Resistance<0.01ΩOperating Torque0.1N•m for 6 rings,
0.03 N•m increased for
every 6 rings added

Typical drawing


◆ Multi-point brush contact material ensure long life

◆ Integrated structure design for easy installation

◆ Standard model supports 1-24 power rings(0-12A/ring) or 1-48 signal rings(0~2A/ring)

◆ Both the data bus agreement compatible

◆ Transmit analog and digital signals

◆ Both the data bus agreement compatible

◆ Free maintenance


◆ Optional for underwater IP65, IP68Operation speed, current &voltage

◆ No. of rings

◆ Connector

◆ Housing material

◆ Position of wire outlet, wire length

◆ Protection level (dust and water)

◆ Flange mounting is optional

◆ Operating temperature

◆ Support mixed high speed data transmission(including Ethernet, USB, Profibus, Ethercat, CANOPEN,CANBUS, RS232, RS485, etc.)

◆ Fluidic rotary joints, FORJ and electric slip ring can be mixed

Typical application

◆ Automatic machines

◆ Cable reels

◆ Robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment

◆ Exhibit / display equipment

◆ Packaging

◆ Rotary table

◆ Medical, Pharmaceutical equipment

◆ Converting machines

◆ Capping machines

◆ Labeling machines

◆ Filling machine

◆ Machine tools

Model designation

Lead wires color code