Wind Turbine Hydraulic Rotary Joints

◆ Supported by double high-precision maintenance-free bearing for high stability

◆ Special sealing structure designed for high-speed and high-pressure application that provides prolonged failure-free operation

◆ Low rotation torque

◆ Special structure to be free from friction heat under high speed

◆ Running torque unaffected by working pressure and temperature change.

◆ Max working speed up to 6500RPM

◆ Drainage hole design to avoid exterior contamination

◆ Customization available for different customer applications


Technical Ratings
Max SpeedMax PressureTemperatureMedia
6500r/min30 Mpa-30℃~+80℃Hydraulic, Oil

MK Wind Turbine Hydraulic Rotary Joints Notes

1. MK Series uses a labyrinth sealing structure. During installation and operation, the drainage hole L must be connected by an oil pipe to the oil collection tank. And the oil pipe must not be blocked to avoid back pressure.
2. Inner leakage is allowed between each passage. Please pay attention to the compatibility of different working media to avoid cross-contamination.
3. The working fluid or hydraulic media should be filtered before being used. The filtration precision should be no lower than 10um.
4. A working temperature rise will reduce the viscosity of the working fluid to increase the leakage volume. So during operation, the cooling device should be accompanied.
5. The hydraulic system should be equipped with an automatic pressure regulator to compensate for the pressure loss caused by inner leakage.

MKL02025H018 rotary joints for wind turbine

MKL01040H030 rotary joints for wind turbine

MK04015A(7100-1001) rotary joints for wind turbine

MKL01040H038-N20110 rotary joints for wind turbine