Agricultural slip ring

Grand Technology has been a prominent manufacturer and provider of agricultural rotary devices for many years. Grand Technology has been used to seal a wide range of fluids, including bio-diesel, liquid, solid fertilizers, and insecticides. In comparison to our rivals’ goods, our slip rings are effective and long-lasting. We safeguard your interests by using high-tech, dependable sealing materials on your farm gear. Agriculture rotary solutions such as slip rings, center pivot irrigation, grain bins, silo unloaders, combine harvesters, and rotating dairy barns will be discussed in this handbook.

Rotary Solutions for Agriculture

Agriculture in the modern era is founded on forward-thinking technology and ideas that ensure ongoing increases in agricultural output. It is precisely GRAND Technologies’ vision. Our trained experts offer a wide range of rotary solutions to ensure functional dependability in challenging environments.

Grand agricultural slip rings provide maximum performance in all components of farm equipment. Axles, conductions, motors, and hydraulic systems have the appropriate standard slip rings.

Grand sealing products are dependable and have the highest possible operating dependability, these are especially important during planting and harvesting when downtime and breakdowns result in more losses. The machinery must withstand lengthy operations, harsh weather conditions, and agricultural pollutants without breaking down. Farmers may achieve this aim with the help of Grand’s slide rings.

Our rotary solutions are resistant to the circumstances because of Grand’s long-standing slip ring expertise. Our unique product ideas have been tested and confirmed to work, and are constantly expanding the spectrum of applications for our rotary solutions.

Protecting Agriculture Machine Components and Improving Performance

Agricultural equipment gets exposed to a variety of elements and pollutants. Organic or chemical pollutants are both possible. As a result, agricultural-machine sealing materials must be developed to protect the machine’s components from contamination.

Grand is determined to solve the problem of power and signal transfer under these challenging conditions. We can provide sturdy slip rings for agricultural machinery due to our experienced engineers and advanced production technologies.

How Grand Slip Ring Products Can Assist Farmers

Customers all around the world prefer Grand Solutions to other products when it comes to agricultural rotary solutions. We make slip rings to standard and bespoke requirements to protect equipment from extreme temperatures and other contaminants.


Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems (CPIS)

A center-pivot irrigation system is a movable pipe assembly that revolves around a central axis and is connected to a water supply. They are the most often used sprinkler irrigation technologies owing to their high efficiency, homogeneity, ability to function in challenging terrain, and low purchase, maintenance, and operating costs.

The history of CPIS began in Nebraska in 1950, and they are now found all over the world. Since the displacement of oxen by tractors, CPIS has likely been the essential mechanical development in the agricultural business.

CPIS goes across the farmland on wheels that are powered by electricity. Because the pivot terminals rotate faster than the inner portions, their sprinkler flow rates increase. This system’s principal design restriction is the suppression of overflow at the pivot terminals, where flow rates are exceptionally high.

How Do Centre Pivots Work?

Center pivots function in a circular motion around a center axis, as their name suggests. Water, liquid fertilizer, insecticides, and herbicides may all get sprayed using pivots. As a result, center pivots improve the efficiency of irrigation systems by allowing one piece of equipment to fulfill many functions.

Modern CPIS are powered by generators or electric current. Pivots can be powered by either 120 or 480 VAC. The regulating circuit, which drives the safety circuit, the pivot’s onward and backward rotation, and, in particular, the spinning of the Last Regular Drive Unit, is powered by 120 VAC (LRDU).

Sprinkler Irrigation: Center Pivot System

A signal is sent down the pivot till it reaches the LRDU when an operator directs the control panel. It initiates 480 VAC conduction from the tower part to the motor through a cable. The control part instructs the LRDU to rotate either forward or backward.

The LRDU directs pivot rotation until the switch arm connecting the last span to the second-last tower gets pulled to a position capable of activating the spire. The two-tower then revolve until the next spire gets stirred up, and the process repeats with the pivot until each tower is spinning.

Grain Bins

Grain bins, often known as silos, are storage and preservation structures for grains. They’re popular in the agricultural industry, and the rise in population and farm productivity has fueled a boom in demand.

Grain bins are straightforward machines with few high-tech components. They do, however, need careful installation, operation, and maintenance.

Types of Silos

Tall tower grain silos, which were typical four decades ago, are still in operation. Horizontal grain bins are increasingly prevalent nowadays and come in various styles. The walls of trench bins are made of earth and get built upward. Bunker bins are the second form of horizontal grain bins. They are built above ground and used in feedlots and dairy farms.

Harvesters of Combines

Combine harvesters are pieces of agricultural machinery used to harvest crops. The title comes from the fact that the equipment integrates three separate processes into one: harvesting, threshing, and winnowing. Farm produce harvesting as a single operational process reduces time, and labor and avoids post-harvest costs. Furthermore, because the harvesting process is more efficient using combined harvesters, farm yields improve, making agriculture more profitable.

Combine harvester slip ring

How Do Combine Harvesters Function?

The detachable header component of a combine harvester has cutters for chopping crops and a revolving reel for collecting and storing the cut grains. A standard model or a specific model of header system can be used. Different header techniques can harvest various grain kinds.

Rotary Dairy Barns

In dairy barns, cows are separated into rectangular portions, allowing attendants to attach milking equipment to the teats. The best efficiency is achieved in a rotating dairy barn when the farmer’s routine work schedule and the equipment speed are closely linked. The usual work schedule is the total amount of time it takes to milk one cow. The length of the regular work determines the number of cows milked in an hour.


Grand has manufactured and invented agricultural sealing systems that can withstand various operating environments for many years. To provide our clients with the best slip rings that are sturdy and lasting, we examine all criteria such as efficiency, harsh weather conditions, and wear and tear issues. Now is the time to visit our website and place your orders. Standard and bespoke sealing systems are available.


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