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Now the electrical slip ring is used widely. It is also more and more well known that the electrician of equipment maintenance can often remove the fault or repair by himself.

Today, we will learn about some common problems, so that we can make simple fault judgment and timely maintenance.

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Short Circuit And Overload

There may be short circuit in the electrical slip ring, which is caused by wire skipping or wire brushing short circuit. This situation may be caused by the increase of fatigue strength caused by the long-time working of the slip ring brush wire, or the damage of the bearing, or the vibration and impact of the working environment. Influence the internal structure change of slip ring. Generally, the anti-seismic grade of slip ring is mil-sid-810e. However, if there is strong vibration in the service environment, the thin-wall bearing inside the product will be damaged and the spindle will be broken.

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Signal Jamming

We often use the electrical slip ring with over power and over signal simultaneously, but over power and over signal will interfere with each other. It is also divided into external interference and internal interference. Special shielding measures are required. If it is found that the effect of the product is not good and the signal transmission can not meet the requirements, it can be considered whether the product meets the requirements of signal shielding during operation. If it can’t be solved externally, the internal structure of the electrical slip ring can only be redesigned.

Protection Level

Hangzhou Grand Technology Co., Ltd. the default protection level of capsule products is ip51, and the default protection level of through hole products is IP54. If the customer does not clearly put forward the requirements, it is easy to cause water in the electrical slip ring when it is used in the environment with humidity above 95%, which will cause short circuit and burn the product. So when customers choose slip ring, they try to tell all the details to the manufacturer of electrical slip ring, so that the manufacturer can make the most suitable choice for customers.
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