slip rings

Table Application Fields of Slip Ring Products

Application; Defense & Aerospace

Features; FORJ integration, EMC shielding, 1000A+ power channels, Hydraulic and pneumatic integration, Electro-optical systems

Application; Industrial & Commercial

Features; Explosion proof units, High reliability low maintenance, Oil filled units for sub-sea applications

Application; Radar

Features; Integration of high frequency channels, EMI/RMI shielding as standard, Integration with all bus systems, Integration of optical rotary or RF joints, Low maintenance, high reliability units

Application; Test Equipment

Features; Speed in excess of 20,000 rpm, Temperature ranges, Shock and vibration resistance, High humidity levels, Low electrical noise levels, Excellent repeatability

Application; Wind Turbines

Features; Easily integrated with hydraulic systems and fluid rotary joints, Systems can be designed with integrated Fiber Optic Joints(FORJ), 20-25 year lifespan, with 5-year maintenance intervals, Brushes with auto wear detection, auto changeover available, Dual tracks to further extend unit life, Modular design for easy part replacement or upgrade, Typical protection levels of IP65

Application; Video & Optical Systems

Features; Standard units and custom design, Transmission of high definition video with high frame rate, 360-degree continuous panning, Integration of rotary joints and Ethernet, Fully gimbaled systems, Twist capsule integration

Slip Ring for Defense & Aerospace

Missile guidance systems and stabilised navigation platforms

Gimballed avionic instruments and gyroscopes

Missile launchers and weapon pedestals

Fighting vehicles, RBJ units (transferring signals and power from turret to hull)

Airborne stabilized gun platforms and sights

FLIR systems

Submarine ICBM systems

Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for propeller and rotor de-icing systems

Slip ring for defence

Slip Ring for Industrial & Commercial

Mechanical handling


Lifting equipment and cable reelers

Hazardous area equipment

Satellite assemblies

Wind tunnels

Subsea applications

Remotely operated vehicles

Slip ring for industrial

Slip Ring for Radar

Land-based civil radar systems for air traffic control

Marine radar systems for Naval and Merchant vessel navigation

Land-based radar systems for military use such as target acquisition and surveillance

Airborne radar for navigation

Slip ring for radar

Slip Ring for Test Equipment

Gas turbine research

Aircraft type testing

Centrifuge construction

Wind tunnels

Formula 1 engine and brake system testing

Slip ring for test equipment

Slip Ring for Wind Turbine

Blade pitch control


Generator excitation

slip ring for wind turbine

Slip Ring for Video & Optical Systems

Target acquisition systems


Outside broadcast boom-mounted cameras

Studio broadcast TV equipment


Gimballed electro-optics

slip ring for camera



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