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The capsule slip rings are for transmitting data as well as signals, even in challenging situations. When the weight, as well as space, is limited, these types of slip rings could surpass the limits of the likelihood of materials by a unique engineering process. The capsule is split into different-sized slip rings including small-sized, medium-sized as well and custom large-sized slip rings. Capsule slip rings are small in size and are delicately designed, with low torque and continuous transmission for high-precision devices. A typical application of a capsule slip ring includes a CCTV security camera, medical equipment, point of purchase display automation flow line, etc.

Types of Capsule Slip Rings

There are different types of capsule slip rings. Here are the top types of capsule rings:


  • MC190 series

6-wire slip ring, signal (2A) / 22 mm economic diameter ring. The MC1909 is the advanced release for security, military, and non-civilian use of the MC190, and includes very thick gold-plated thicknesses and special alloys.

  • MC260 series

The MC260 is the standard golden electric slipper capsule that guarantees the reliability of signal transmission and service life, mostly used in commercial and civil fields. It is an imported gold-plated bearing, a rare thin metal alloy, used primarily in the defense, non-civil areas, and military.

  • MC330 series

The MC330 is a gold and gold contact capsule ring that maintains reliable signal transmission and operational presence and is primarily used in commercial and civil environments: military, defense, or other non-civil fields for rare metal alloys.

  • MC400 series

The MC400 is an economical 24mm and 22mm lightweight metal mesh ring and gold (2A), which guarantees the reliability of signal transmissions and the service life mainly used in the local industry. It is a different type of imported thick gold-plated coating corresponding to the MC400 version of paintbrushes made from rare alloys, primarily used in defenses, military, and other non-civilian areas.

  • MC573 series

It is a standard gold and gold capsule ring, ensuring the reliability of the transmission and signal service, mainly used in urban commercial areas. They are mostly used in defense, military, and government regions.

  • MC857 series

MC857 is the standard gold and gold slip ring that ensures the transmission and stability of the service life of the signal mainly used in civil and commercial fields. The MC8579 is an advanced variable compatible with the MC857, mostly for the military, defense, and other general sectors.

  • Slip ring 300 rpm

It is a rotating gold contact surface with precious metals to guarantee a long service life—360 ° smooth transmission of analog and digital signals compatible with the protocol of the data carrier.

  • 12.5mm 300Rpm 6 Wires CIRCUITSx2A

This slip-ring capsule is a standard product that uses a rotating interface with gold contacts. The stator and rotor with color-coded lead wires are used for electrical connections. It uses gold-plated contacts on the rotating interface.

Top 10 Uses of Capsule Slip Rings

There are countless uses for capsule slip rings because of the number of benefits offered by these slip rings.

  • Capsule slip rings are best used for power and signal transmission applications. These slip rings are a combination of intense range and high functionality that makes them ideal for video and other critical stimulus transfers.
  • They are used to convey electrical energy as well as to transfer the data between the fixed part and the rotor. Gold-plated connectors make them accessible to video signals sent in applications such as video surveillance, with high and low noise, and less distortion.
  • Capsule slip rings provide a practical operating design with the bearing, casing, rotor, easy integration, and brush block along with protection against dust and humidity. The durability of this type of slip ring has been improved thanks to the gold-plated brush and contact.
  • Capsule rings are suitable for power and signal transmission, small applications, and low cost. The compact size and high performance make it ideal for video streaming and other critical applications that require a lot of space.
  • One of the notable advantages of capsule slip rings is that they can send hundreds of signals. The electrical rotary interface also includes high-frequency rotary joints, fiber optic rotary joints, and power.
  • Capsule slip rings are suitable for applications requiring signal and energy transfer as well as a small footprint. The good thing about capsule slip rings is that they can be used for a wide variety of applications at a low cost. These characteristics make it suitable for video transmission signals and are necessary for small applications.
  • Capsule ring is located on the high and low current signal circuit as well as on circuits requiring high power. It is designed to provide low-torque continuous transmission, which makes it very efficient for devices requiring very high precision. It also helps reduce noise and interference between circuits and low-resistance contact materials.
  • One of the significant applications of capsule slip rings is the manufacture and use of video surveillance cameras. It helps to transmit video signals. Since the capsule slip rings involve the use of small rotors, there is a decrease in surface velocities. It helps to reduce the operating temperature, eliminates any form of imbalance, and increases the service life.
  • Capsule slip rings have a vast range of military service applications as they are designed with advanced military technology. The gold and the gold surface treatment ensure that the capsule slip rings are suitable for applications requiring weak and controlled signal transmission.
  • Capsule slip rings provide great flexibility in managing the sizing requirements of the system when larger versions are not a choice. The capsules are available with up to 56 contacts. Specially designed for video surveillance systems or small rotary systems, OD 22 ~ 25 mm is particularly suitable for the low/medium control rotating signal control system.


Capsule slip rings are a practical and economical option compared to other types of slip rings. Its low noise output, versatility, low noise output, and compactness coupled with low interference, makes it ideal for use in several applications.



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