combined rotary joint

The requirements of slip rings or rotary joints are higher. In order to meet the requirements of some special industry equipment for electrical, gas, and hydraulic combined rotary joint. Rotary joint manufacturers began to develop the combined rotary joint. An electrical slip ring combined hydraulic rotary joint is one kind of rotary transmission device, which is one new rotary solution.

A combined rotary joint assembly is a kind of precise part, that is used to transport liquid from non rotatable pipeline to a dynamic rotary device. Including hot water, cooling water, hot oil, petroleum, sulfuric acid, beverages or other liquids. If combined with an electric slip ring, it can transmit various signals, like control signals, and switch signals.

The combined device can be divided into hydraulic rotary joint and electric slip ring. The hydraulic rotary joint is designed with a diversion connecting hole at the position of the shell and the liquid path of the radial section, and there is also a liquid path in the axial direction. The electric slip ring is a high-precision conductive slip ring, which can transmit control signals, switch signals, etc. Small size, strong function, suitable for small automatic equipment.

Hangzhou Grand Technology has developed and produced a series of standard products that are specially used to solve the problem of liquid and electricity. Grand Technology has become a manufacturer of electro-hydraulic combined rotary joints, which is engaged in production, wholesale, and customized services. It not only makes up for the shortcoming that the electric slip ring can only transmit electricity but also can’t transmit liquid and gas. The product can continuously transmit signal, data, electric power, hydraulic oil, or other fluid medium at the same time. For example, through the Ethernet signal, various control signals at the same time through the hydraulic coolant and other liquid rotary joint devices.

Grand Technology has experienced R & D engineers and has successfully developed rotary joints that integrate electric, and hydraulic functions and can achieve 360° continuous rotation.

  1. Multi hydraulic power transmission, up to 16 hydraulic ring channels
  1. Transmit power, control signal, and switch signal
  1. The appearance and function can be customized according to the customer’s requirements
  1. Series products optional
  1. The transfer media are optional, like coolant, water, oil
  1. torque < 3M.m, temperature – 20 ℃ – 100 ℃, maximum speed 500 rpm

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