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Is your equipment in need of a micro slip ring, miniature slip ring, or small slip ring? Slip rings – used to transfer power and data from a stationary component to a piece of revolving equipment. They have been around for a long time in applications- that need signal transmission across joints that rotate 360 degrees.

The two pieces of a slip ring are the fixed metal brushes that slide to contact a spinning metal ring and the rotating metal ring. They get employed in various applications, each with – its own set of requirements. Through-hole, pancake, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, and USB are a few of the most popular slip rings. However, there are differences between pancake and miniature slip rings.

mini slip ring

A small slip ring does not have a defined specification. These electromechanical devices are application-specific and extensively tuned to fulfill the specific needs of specific equipment and operating environments. As a result, finding a miniature slip ring for your device and application is critical. Nonetheless, all small slip rings have the same core components. It includes the following:

Brush Made of Metal

The stator is designed of thin metal brushes – attached to the revolves central component for power and signal transmission. Fiber brush technology and precious metal coating are used in some versions to prevent contact abrasion. Other versions are brushless to meet the demands of individuals who desire small slip rings that are quiet, have low torque, and have low resistance. The metal brush’s parameters will be determined by your application.

Centerpiece that Rotates

The static brushes serve signals to the revolving ring, which completes transmission through the rotary joint. Its centerpiece – a metal shaft that comes in through bore and pancake shapes, is made of hard metal alloys and plated with gold or other precious metals for extended life. Miniature ring kits comprise mounting caps and other structural pieces depending on the equipment. S

crane slipring

Miniature Rings have a Variety of Applications

Miniature rings communicate power and data signals from fixed to spinning components in machinery joints, similar to most rotary joints. Some types solely transfer electricity, while others also send data. Because of their small size, miniature rings are only suitable for applications that demand thin, lightweight devices and have a limited installation area. Slip rings get used in a variety of devices, including:

  • CCTV
  • Toys with intelligence
  • Miniaturized rotating systems


When comparing small slip rings, be careful to look at all the details. While the majority is compact and disc-shaped, there are still cylindrical types available, so choose the best design for your application. Many respected manufacturers are on the market, but the specifications should be tailored to the specified equipment and application.

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