electric slip ring

Slip ring transmitters are helpful in transporting electrical energy and information between a stationary and a rotating component. The power quality, signal transmission, and wear resistance will determine the slip ring system’s efficiency and capacity. The sliding system’s design, material, and surface condition govern them. Only the optimal combination of the sliding contact and the surface of the slip rings allows for interference-free electrical signal transmission, and the contact system runs with minimal wear and long service life.

High-quality gold, silver, and palladium-based materials have outstanding contact resistance, mechanical and electrical qualities, and corrosion resistance. We can offer materials with reduced precious metal content and selected precious metal applications to save costs.

Wind Turbines

The construction of wind turbines is increasing internationally, particularly in Europe. One problem is that the turbine is often exposed to the elements, with only occasional maintenance to clear debris and relubricate it. Slip rings must have long-term dependability and a strong contact structure to sustain even peak power production. Offshore turbines, in particular, require very durable slip rings due to the cost and time costs involved if they require servicing.

Another problem is meeting the demands of enormous and more powerful turbines, which require outstanding power transfer and signal transmission for placement and condition monitoring. Pitch control with power and orders for blade information, hub motor, pitch settings, and power backup are all included.

Packaging Industry

Consider Deublin’s SRC and SRD electrical slip rings for the packaging sector. These are machine-specific to enable food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other consumer products packaging. The design of these machines is to be flexible and adaptable with up to 40 electrical channels. Maximum speeds of up to 250 rpm are critical for packing that relies on the high output to be profitable.

Semiconductor Processing Machines

Slip rings (as well as slip rings in conjunction with slip rings) frequently work on indexed platforms in semiconductor processing equipment to physically and chemically process wafers where manufacturing may include the application of materials and fluids. For example, during the chemical-mechanical planarization process – a procedure that often occurs late in semiconductor production and must move quickly – the integrated slip ring rotary joints shine, particularly in terms of resisting corrosive and abrasive settings.

Aerospace, Defense, and Marine Slip Rings

Solar collectors for spaceships in the aerospace sector employ tiny slip rings that mount to the rotor at the outputs of the panel’s moveable actuators. Slip rings are used in the turrets of armored vehicles to eliminate the need for separate sets of turrets or firing stations in a similar defense application. One of the vital environmental issues here is ensuring consistent power, data, and even video stream connectivity in the face of vibration.

Few Other Applications of Slip Ring

The rotary ring electric device is used in a variety of industries, ranging from industrial to commercial:

  • The rotary ring device is used in industrial machines for manufacturing, control, and packaging processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • It is found in medical devices such as CT scans, X-rays, advanced surgical robots, and so on.
  • Slip rings are commonly used in marine equipment for the exploration of marine resources, deep-sea mining, and marine power generation.


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