Before we dive into what encompasses high-current slip rings, let us shed some light on what is a slip ring. Although most of us are aware of how a slip ring works, there are a few who are new to the concept. For their comfort, let’s start with the basics.

Basics of Slip Ring

A slip ring is designed and manufactured in a way to ensures that the current passes from a stationary object to the moving one. Thus the device made to carry out the whole process is known as a rotary electrical connector or is named by some as a rotary electrical joint. These electrical slip rings are loose and rotate without any kind of limitations, and aren’t similar to cables that get tangled with each other, often twist, and eventually break.

Where are High-current Slip Rings Used?

Slip rings are more commonly used in specific applications that involve revolving automation devices or contain control systems like turntables, robots, and index tables. Other devices and common applications that need slip rings to operate are wind turbines, industrial washers, beverage processing machines, satellite communication networks, MRI medical scanners, CT scanners, Printing plastic molding, and semiconductor processing.

How does a High-current Slip Ring Operate?

Generally, high-current slip rings operate by holding a sliding brush against a conductor ring. During the whole operation, the brush remains static, while the other part conductor ring rotates. The wires of the brush are comprised of lead and give an electrical association with the appended gadgets on either side of a slip ring. Additionally, directing gadgets are set on the rotor and associated with the lead wires that are in a particular line with the rotor to the subsequent end. There is a set of ball bearings entrapped in the housing that provides support to the rotor. The whole device is enclosed through end caps and a cover. The entirety of the basic parts, including the spread, rotor, lodging, and end tops, are made of non-metallic and metallic materials. The materials involved in the making of these structural components are based on the requirements of applications like temperature, size, weight, ruggedness, and the cost of making them. While the electric components such as the brush, conductor ring, and electrical connectors are made up of highly conductive materials. All of the conductive materials involved in the making of these applications are selected based on characteristic impedance, bandwidth, resistance variation, temperature, rotational speed, voltage drop, and current density.

Are there Different Types of Slip Rings?

Yes, there are. The primary plan that chips away at sliding contact among conductor rings and brushes is the basic part of a high-current slip ring. As every application is distinct from the other, this demands a specific requirement for each application, which means that there are numerous different types of high-current slip rings. The power that is generated is typically transmitted through the composite brushes that are made up of carbon and graphite and can include other metals such as copper or silver that can work with the application to increase the density of current. These brushes look similar to those composite brushes that are normally used in motors. Information correspondence, signals, and other touchy voltages typically get transmitted from wire brushes that are in contact with a valuable metal transmitter ring surface. Sometimes, when the application requires a higher transfer speed to work, various connections give reliable information transmission. While discussing these cases, decent RF structure strategies ensure that electromagnetic obstruction doesn’t wreck the honesty of information. It is the activity of architects to isolate the information stations and capacity to guarantee the correct protection of the slip ring alongside the side links. At the point when space is contracted, and there isn’t a lot of room, pneumatic associations can likewise be encased with the electrical equipment to shape a single bundle.

What is the Usual Size of High current Slip Rings?

Slip rings can usually range from 0.5 inches to some feet in diameter. Generally, the central theme and idea behind the making of these high-current slip rings is to shrink the size of the conductor rings. This not only minimizes the wear of the sliding contacts but also makes sure that there is a considerable reduction in the linear distance traveled for each revolution. Not only does this extend the life of the application, but it is also advantageous. On the other hand, slip rings of larger sizes allow liquids to move through the center via tubing or a hose.

What are the Limitations Involved with High-Current Slip Rings?

While considering power, there are many tradeoffs. It is not the power that affects the ability of a high-current slip ring to meet the desired requirements, but the voltage drop that affects the actual current flow. The voltage drop can likewise modify the real voltage accessible at the heap. It also affects the total power that the slip ring is transmitting. This dissipated power that is enclosed in a slip ring converts itself to heat and harms the unit’s operating turn, which could prove to be harmful.

Are there Custom-made High-current Slip Rings Available?

Well, the standard and usual high-current slip rings are best for the necessary installation. In any case, there are unique, marginally particular applications that need a modified slip ring fabricated to meet the presentation necessities and increment the normal life of the client. For example, a grand slip ring produces a tailored high current and state-of-the-art slip ring that is made to ensure that the demands of the customer are met. The feature of these slip rings is as follows.

  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Consists of small packages
  • Contains coordinated slip rings and rotational unions.

The product makers ensure to make use of innovative knowledge and experience to make high current slip rings that meet international standards and provide the best and most economical solutions to top valued customers.


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