quality slip ring

An electrical slip ring, also known as a rotary connector, is a precision device for transmitting power and data. It is required to have the advantages of high precision, compact structure, stable performance, long service life, multi-loop, and so on.

Key index control points of electrical slip ring;

Electrical Contact

The electrical slip ring must have excellent electrical contact performance. Because the brush and the electrical ring belong to physical friction contact, they also need to have wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Electromagnetic interference in the process of current and signal transmission must be paid attention to and solved. Electromagnetic interference may come from inside the slip ring or from the surrounding environment. Before leaving the factory, it must be checked to ensure that the signal transmission is not distorted.


The insulation of products is related to safety, which depends on three points: 1 production process 2 insulating materials 3 use environment. The manufacturer must strictly control the material selection and manufacturing process, and clearly inform the user of the corresponding use requirements.

Speed and Life

The speed of the product is generally designed according to the customer’s requirements, and the signal transmission performance is measured at the highest speed to determine whether it is qualified or not. The speed is directly related to the service life. Generally speaking, the higher the speed, the greater the loss of the slip ring.

Design Control Point of Electrical Slip Ring

At the beginning of the design, the main loop, material, appearance, size, tolerance, rated current, insulation resistance, contact resistance, protection grade, environment, and other factors should be considered. Technical departments need to make overall planning to form stable process design documents.

Slip Ring Classification

Electrical Slip Ring

Precious metal materials are used to realize the transmission of current and signal in the way of point contact.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Slip Ring

Rotary connector whose transmission medium is gas or liquid.

FORJ (Fiber optic rotary joint)

The rotary connector with light as a transmission medium belongs to a non-contact slip ring. It can only be used to transmit signals, but it has the advantage of optical transmission.


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