pancake slip ring

Pancake slip rings are designed for height-dimensional, space-critical applications. Since the flat form is the same as the plate, it is also named flat slip rings and slip rings.

The slip rings are identical to the slip rings with a special focus on minimum height. The consumer can choose between minimum height radial cable output and axial cable output, overall quality, and industrial quality. The working life, max, depends on the selected standard. The speed of rotation and the materials of touch differ. The slip-rings with housing are based on the most advanced fiber brush technologies and precious metal/gold multi-contacts, offering low-level power noise, low-contact pressure, and maintenance-free transmission in field buses. In compliance with the special requirements of customers in various applications, we deliver standardized, modular designs and fully customized products.

The pancake slip is a special kind of glitter band, used with vertical / height space resistance in equipment. Therefore, it is not possible to add a traditional slip ring. The pancake slip ring, therefore, offers a solution to the problem of vertical space. It doesn’t say, though, that this kind of slip ring doesn’t vary in size. Slip ring companies have put a more massive slip ring on the market since it is an important component for bulk material reclaimers and many other fields.

The slip ring is supplied with a 500-1000-mm through size. As already mentioned, this type of ring with a bigger diameter is possible. The main reason behind the increasing diameter of the ring unit is the inclusion of new elements and the split panel structure. In different fields, including medicine and textiles, pancake rings are used.

Parts of a Slip Ring

A slip ring can be divided into two different parts, a separate disk, and a detailed disk. By contrast to its thinner bore ring, this kind of slip ring has a proven advantage.

The lack of axial direction production allows the average ring of the bottom pancake to have a larger diameter which is a possible disadvantage. While slipper rings are smaller, which could be seen as an advantage, they pose many problems not only to consumers but also for the slip ring maker with a larger diameter, since they are trying to modify the situation. 

This invention removes the above problems and gives the consumer the sleek, thin, and modified version of the ordinary pancake ring.


In various fields from manufacture to medicine, a pancake slip ring is added. The variety with which such a ring is extended is therefore unparalleled. The following addresses some of the use of pancake rings.

The machinery used in industry for production and manufacturing.

  • As stated, in medical equipment, the use of the pancake slip ring is more comfortable.
  • The rotary table, board, CNC machine (Computer Control), and pallet machine are also used for different equipment.
  • It’s also used for rotary sensors, radar, and emergency lights magnetic drivers.
  • The crane slap circle offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.
  • Slip rings generate a low beginning current with high torque.
  • Crane ring mounting guarantees high efficiency and efficient operation, even in harsh conditions. 
  • Rotation speed can be easily managed by using a slip ring and modified.

An induction drive of a squirrel cage requires 600 to 700% of the full load current, while a load motor needs 250% to 350% of the total load current.   

The fact that the aforementioned specific application of slip ring pancake is central to including the same ultra-miniature version is significant — one of the things that need our attention here. The way forward to use such slip rings will thus be improved, and we could see that pancake slip rings have a wider range of applications with new technology comparison.


1) Heavier: Flat-formed, more weight slip loops.

2) Large size: Slip rings are much more significant.

3) More power: the slip rings have the ability to transfer current and signal from the fixed structure to the rotary frame.

4) Workable brushes: the brush wears a lot. The cleaner has a lower wear rate than a bathtub.

5) Wear scraps: After running a long time, the vertical axis gathers more wear scrap.

6) Low sound and friction: slip rings are more efficient when paired with other metal rings for fine brass rings. The vibration is weak, and the resistance to touch is lower.

7) Perfect for slow-motion: this ring is ideal for slow-motion when attached to brass rings.

8) Maintenance-free: maintenance-free flat disks.

9) Low torque: The other aspect of the flat ring is that it produces low torque.

10) High strength and durability: The rings are made from precious, stable, and reliable metal wire.

More about Pancake Slip Rings

This kind of slip ring offers an ultra-thickness for specific, small installing areas. The thickness of this kind of ring can reach up to 4 mm. This kind of pancake slip ring design is available with or without a hole.

The highly reliable slip ring transmission and rotary output are assured by special vacuum screening technology & metal precious brush. Pancake slip rings are used for accurate signal transmission with the power which has lots of advantages, such as low torque, low friction, low power noise, and long life.

For any application dealing with a rotating base or frame, slip rings are built. The AC generator and DC motors are widely applied. Slip rings typically use power, but analog and digital signals can also be sent from devices. It can transmit even data.

Wrap Up

A set of slip rings has mainly been developed for signal transmission but now also for power transmission. Fine bronze rings can be mounted for signals with silver, gold, and rhodium if the resistance to touch is weak and the noise is low. The best results will be obtained with silver-graphite brushes when these precious metal materials are used together. Such modules can only be fitted with brass rings for slow speed. Further, section brass rings can be designed for slow and medium speeds and high speeds with phosphorus-bronze rings for power transmission. In this highly flexible set, signal and power ring mixtures can be accommodated, and the required carbon brush cartridge holding can be supplied either for free installation or designed within carriers.

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