The combined rotary joint, its working principle and structure are based on pneumatic rotary joint and electric slip ring.

When we know the working principle of pneumatic rotary joint and electric slip ring, we can easily see the working principle of pneumatic electric rotary joint.


Rotary joint is used to transmit steam, pressure, air and other media. It is a sealing device for connecting the gas input from the pipeline to the rotating equipment and then discharged.

The simple rotary joint is divided into one-way flow type and two-way flow type. The one-way flow type does not use the inner pipe, and the liquid enters from one end and discharges from the other end. The two-way flow type has two forms: inner tube rotation and inner tube fixation. The inner tube rotation type is mostly used for gas transmission.


The rotary joint combined with electric slip ring usually has many channels and more complex structure.

When there is a leak in the rotary adapter,

First, check the overall concentricity, check the size and accuracy, and adjust the connection with the rotating end.

Check whether the vibration is large due to low accuracy, and whether the appropriate equipment needs to be rectified.

If there is dirt or slurry again, it is necessary to add a decontaminator or filter screen.

If the working pressure, temperature, speed and other mechanical parameters are not suitable, the rotary joint needs to be redesigned.

Working principle and structure of electric slip ring

After a lot of popular science in the early stage, we know that the electric slip ring is used to transmit electricity or signals. The functional components are stator and rotor. Through the contact between the stator brush wire and the rotor electric ring, the rolling friction conducts the current between the two components. The electric ring can be composed of multiple metal rings to provide multiple power supplies.


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