slip ring manufacturers

Key Slip Ring Industry Manufacturers


Name: GAT


Established: 1978

Headquarters: Geisenheim

Key plant location: Germany, USA

Technology Source: Own

Company profile: Technically sophisticated products from an experienced and globally recognized partner. Rotary unions, slip rings, test technology, IMQL, and air bearings for high performance and customized applications, which prove themselves by the state of state-of-the-art technology, quality, and reliability.

Key products: Rotary unions, slip rings

Key regions of sales: China, UK, Austria

Add: Industriestraße 11 D – 65366 Geisenheim

Tel: +49(0) 6722 93788-0

Fax: +49(0) 6722 93788-110

Email: [email protected]


Name: Morgan


Established: 1856

Headquarters: UK

Key plant location: UK

Technology Source: Own

Company profile: Morgan Advanced Materials plc is an advanced materials technology company that provides highly engineered solutions to its chosen markets. Morgan Advanced Materials has a global presence with operations in more than 50 countries. From medical instruments, aerospace, power generation, and satellite communications, to body armor, trains, and fire protection systems, Morgan’s products are fundamental components or enabling technologies for many of the modern world’s sophisticated products.

Key products: Advanced ceramics, braze alloys, carbon brushes, composite armor

Key regions of sales: China, Asia, America, Europe

Add: Quadrant 55-57 High Street Windsor SL4 1LP United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)1753 837000

Fax: +44(0)1753 850872

Email:[email protected]

Cavotec SA

Name: Cavotec SA


Established: 1967

Headquarters: CA, USA

Key plant location: CA, USA

Technology source: Own

Company profile: Cavotec is a global engineering group that enables industries worldwide to improve productivity, safety, and sustainability. Cavotec delivers power transmission, distribution, and control technologies that form the link between fixed and mobile equipment in the ports & maritime, airports, mining & tunneling, and general industry sectors.

Key products: Cable chains, cables, motorized cable reels, power connectors

Key regions of sales: America, Europe, Asia

Add: 5665 Corporate Avenue – Cypress, CA 90630, USA

Tel: +714 888 2700

Fax: +714 888 2727

Email: [email protected]


Name: LTN


Established: 1990

Headquarters: Otterfing, Germany

Key plant location: USA, Germany

Technology Source: Own

Company profile: LTN Servotechnik GmbH is a German SME specializing in providing components to the international machine builders and plant engineering industry. The worldwide network of sales and service offices is the backbone of the traditionally oriented company’s global activities.

Key products: Slip ring, resolvers, encoders

Key regions of sales: Europe, USA, China

Add: Georg-hardt-straße 4 83624 otterfing, Germany

Tel: +49 8024 6080-0

Fax: +49 8024 6080-1000

Email: [email protected]

Pandect Precision

Name: Pandect Precision


Established: 1964

Headquarters: PX.UK

Key plant location: UK

Technology Source: Own

Company profile: Pandect was formed in 1964 manufacturing electro-mechanical components for use in the aeronautical industry, where they quickly developed a reputation for providing high-quality turnkey solutions for major British aerospace companies. Pandect Precision Components was formed to concentrate solely on the design and supply of sliding contact devices and has been at the forefront of slip ring design ever since.

Key products: Slip ring

Key regions of sales: Europe, USA

Add: Wellington Road, High Wycombe, bucks, HP12 3PX

Tel: 01494 526303

Fax: 01494 526304

Email: [email protected]


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