RF wireless modules

Due to the requirements of mobility and rotation, many devices are connected by slip rings in the communication part of the control system. However, there is a very common problem is that the slip ring is a vulnerable part. After a period of operation, there will be signal interruption or sometimes no signal, and then the slip ring must be replaced. An electrical slip ring is one product of replacing the connecting line of rotating equipment. However, after millions of times of rotation, the electrical ring and brush need to be replaced many times. The second replacement is complicated and the cost is high.

Substitutes of Slip Ring

The substitute of slip rings are wireless module. RF wireless modules are a modular product of digital radio, which is a high-performance professional data transmission radio module with the help of DSP technology and radio technology. The wireless module extends to many systems, such as industrial control switch IO equipment, 485 wireless transmission equipment dw-m1, and analog acquisition and control equipment. From the earliest use of key code, telegraph, analog radio module, and wireless modem, to the current digital radio module and DSP, software radio; transmission signal also from code, low-speed data (300 ~ 1200BPS) to high-speed data.

Wireless power transmission

Influence on the Slip Ring Industry

Wireless control eliminates the shackles of the cable and can achieve wireless communication, but compared with the electrical slip ring, the wireless data transmission mode has some problems, such as insufficient reliability, greater environmental impact, and so on. At present, the wireless module has a certain substitute threat to the electric slip ring industry, and with the progress of technology, the threat will increase.

With the development of automatic machinery and equipment, (electrical slip rings) and industrial production automatic control systems, the highest warhead, aerospace, and other defense forces industrial equipment manufacturing technology, the requirements for electric slip rings are more and more common. In the environment of continuous improvement of automation level and concentrated advantages of high-end equipment manufacturing, the development of electric slip ring technology is towards the direction of high precision, standardization, generalization, and industrial development.


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