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No matter in the production process of rotating electric slip ring manufacturers, or when consumers buy, they should pay attention to the electrical technical indicators. The main performance parameters include rated current / voltage, contact resistance, insulation resistance, and withstand voltage.

Let’s make a specific analysis:

slip ring voltage

Rated Current / Voltage

Rated current / voltage is the working current/voltage, which refers to the current and voltage that electrical equipment can operate stably and continuously. The voltage/current of electrical equipment in operation shall not exceed the rated value.

Contact Resistance

It refers to the resistance value when the current passes through the contact point or surface. The contact resistance has little influence on the current transmission but has a great influence on the precise signal transmission. A large resistance value can cause signal distortion or packet loss. There are many factors affecting contact resistance, such as temperature, contact area, contact pressure, and contact material resistivity.

Withstand Voltage

The rated voltage can be higher than the critical voltage of the rated working voltage between the contacts of the connector and between the contact and the shell within the specified time without breakdown, so as to determine the insulation material, insulation distance, and insulation structure, check whether the parts are correct and check the defects of the parts. This index can be used to evaluate the ability of connectors to withstand transient overvoltage caused by opening, closing, surge, and similar phenomena.

The main factors affecting the withstand voltage are contact gap, creepage distance and geometry, insulator material characteristics and geometry, ambient temperature and humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

slip ring Insulation resistance

Insulation Resistance

It refers to the resistance value applied to the insulating part of the connector by applying DC voltage to cause leakage current on or inside the insulating part. If the insulation resistance is low, it may form a feedback circuit, increase power loss, and cause interference. Excessive leakage current will produce heat or direct current electrolysis to destroy insulation, resulting in short circuits and endangering safety.

The main factors affecting the insulation resistance are temperature, oxidation, humidity, pollution, and the characteristics of the material itself. For example, the volume resistivity of an insulating material determines the insulation resistance.

The knowledge of electric slip rings is so rich! Although the electric slip ring is very small, it plays an important role and contains extensive and profound knowledge.


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