slip ring inspection

The performance test of miniature slip ring includes resistance value test, insulation test, withstand voltage test, rotation torque test, appearance test, life test, etc.

Let us see some main performance indicators;

Insulation resistance test

The value of insulation resistance is the basic index of each electrical equipment or power line. It is an inaccurate index to measure the safety of electrical equipment and reflects the electrical insulation performance of the whole equipment. Hangzhou Grand technology adopts a mature production process, multi-loop, multi-guarantee, positioning, and precise assembly. The insulation resistance value of a cap-type conductive ring can be ≥ 1000m Ω / 500VDC for the power ring and ≥ 500m Ω / 500VDC for the signal ring, and it can be customized on demand.

miniature slip ring test

Dynamic resistance change value detection

In principle, the smaller the change value is the better. The smaller the change value is the more stable the performance of the conductive ring is and the better the transmission performance is. In addition to the process guarantee, Grand also uses a gold-plated copper ring. The dynamic resistance value of conventional products is less than 0.01 Ω, which meets the use requirements of most products. High-end products can be controlled within 0.005 Ω.

Life test

Life test does not only refer to the rotation life but also to meet the requirements in the specified environment. Such as dust, high temperature, low temperature, explosives, etc. Each special factor will affect the service life, so different testing equipment is needed for all-around testing, and the actual conductive ring should be sampled in different environments to achieve the expected service life.

Appearance inspection

Visual inspection or measuring tools to check whether the external dimension is up to the standard, such as outer diameter, wire length, broken wire, broken shell, etc. Check-in in strict accordance with technical drawings.

miniature slip ring testing

Hangzhou Grand Technology has perfect testing equipment and skilled paper inspection personnel. The relevant performance testing meets the factory requirements. It makes a one-year warranty commitment to the factory conductive ring products.

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