Electrical Slip Rings

Waterproof slip rings are one of a kind. These slip rings are used in places where there is a chance of moisture or corrosion. These are also used underwater and work perfectly there. Based on the working environment of these products, these can be simply divided into multiple protection grades, like IP65, IP67, IP68, and others. The material selection and protection grade design for making these slip rings is based on many factors. These factors range from work environment ingredients, like water and oil, to the type of machines. Grand makes waterproof slip rings to ensure that the shops, harbor equipment, and other applications work perfectly even underwater. Due to its compact and sleek design, the liquid cannot get inside of these slip rings. These sip rings work perfectly underwater and transmit precision signals, pass on the current, and work just fine even when there is a voltage drop.

Waterproof Slip Ring Installation Guide

Whether it is manufacturing companies or heavy machinery, be it an airplane or a ship docked at a harbor, the usage of slip rings in these giants is inevitable. Due to the ever-evolving technology, manufacturing companies want to avoid the tangled mess of wires and want to switch to more comfortable solutions. And that is when slip rings come in handy. In the past, it was quite difficult to get ahold of all of this mess underwater, but with slip rings becoming common in heavy machinery, people are turning their heads toward slip rings.

Once you have acquired a waterproof slip ring, the next question might relate to its installation. Most slip ring manufacturers guide their buyers about their usage. Few even send guides along, but still, people get confused over how to install these slip rings. The only goal of these manufacturers is to ensure that the product they just sold to you gets installed perfectly and functions just like it is supposed to. A waterproof slip ring consists of two parts; chiefly a mechanical part and an electrical part.

Mechanical part: This can be referred to as the machine or the equipment part. It can be called the powerhouse of the slip ring and provides housing facilities for some of its components. While installing a slip ring, it serves as a support provider and allows it to function effectively. Not only does this provide dimension and weight to the slip ring, but it also protects it from any outside damage.

Electrical part: Its job is to provide a steady current to the rotating part. This is the most complicated aspect of the slip ring, and if any error happens here, the whole system may shut down, and the work may be halted. The electrical part is essential because it is responsible for power and signaling. It is also of more significance than the mechanical part because it directly communicates with the upper part of the machine. It is evident to keep in mind that due to the complicated nature of these slip rings, their type, and their specification, installing waterproof slip rings can be done in two places. Here are the basic installation techniques for both parts.

Shaft Part

Let us dive right into the part, which is the easiest of all. The first and foremost thing that you need to do while installing a waterproof slip ring is to choose where you are going to mount it. Ensure that the place is clean and free from any unnecessary junk. Take out the screws and tighten the screws right into the four empty spots. The next thing that you should do is to reroute the cables and join the connections for the waterproof slip ring to start working. Ensure that the wires are placed in the right place and don’t touch the rotor when it starts rotating.

The Outer Flange Part

After adjusting the shaft part, turn your attention toward the outer flange part. Start aligning the slip ring onto the mounting hole. Install the flat washers and put the screws in place. Reroute all the wires and connect them accordingly.

Things to Keep in Mind

It must be kept in mind while installing a slip ring that these are not regular slip rings because these are designed to work underwater and in extremely wet conditions. A slight mistake on your part could jeopardize the whole situation. A little disconnection and things would stop working. Waterproof rings aren’t as sensitive as normal slip rings, but still, extra measures should be taken while installing the waterproof slip ring. Shy away from adding any weight or do not pull the components of the slip rings apart. Ensure that there are proper protection and support before installing these things. Do not add weight to these slip rings. Adding weight to these waterproof slip rings might end up not functioning correctly. It is evident to note here that keep the items and the position of the slip ring stay the same. Make sure that the stationary wires are away from the axial frame, and the spinning wires are away from the axis of rotation. These precautions must be taken to avoid any kind of frictional loss and to avoid any incident. The friction might lead to the wearing out of these parts, which in turn could put the machine at risk.


Installing a waterproof slip ring demands that the person installing it must have at least basic knowledge about how electrical or mechanical equipment works. But, if there is a high level of risk involved, and you are using big specialty equipment, it is best to leave the job to experts. It is quite important to choose the best-sized waterproof slip ring with the matching specifications. It is also advised that you should trust reputable manufacturers while buying a waterproof slip ring. Grand is using innovative knowledge and experience for quite a while now, to offer the best economic and financial solutions to its customers.

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